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Frequently Asked Questions

What are you selling? Is this some sort of pill?

No, we do not sell pills. If you're interested in a quality male enhancement supplement, click here. Nor do we sell silly gadgets like pumps or extenders, the likes of which are very expensive and highly likely to permanently damage your penis. Unlike all of these things, we offer an exercise program specifically for the penis. Our program provides a safe, highly effective and all-natural means for permanent penis enlargement through the use of manual manipulation techniques, gentle stretching, targeted blood movement and tissue pressure applications as well as other methods. Our program is the only way to safely and effectively increase penis size permanently.

How will I access your program?

Our entire exercise program is conveniently available to you online through our MEMBER LOGIN page. Our program is password-protected, requiring a valid username and password in order to gain access to the program. Once you join our program, you will instantly receive a unique username and password which you will use to login and access our entire online program. You can then view our manual online or print out important sections for easy reference anywhere. It's fast, simple and easy to use! And best of all, no special software is required. Note: For an additional fee, a booklet containing our entire program is available which is mailed to your home. Please see the ordering page for details.

How do I know that your program will work for me?

First of all, the easiest way to find out the answer to your question is to simply give our program a try. After all, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. But in answer to your question, please note that our program has a current success rate of 98.78% (based on customer refunds) which is the highest satisfaction rate of virtually any type of exercise program anywhere! In addition, we have nearly 150,000 satisfied members worldwide and we've received hundreds of unsolicited testimonials from our members which prove exactly how effective our program can be. Given all this information, it is very, very likely that our program will work for you. Ultimately, the success of our program hinges on your dedication to the program. Our program will work for you if you follow it. The results from our program are not dependent on your age, current penis size or whether or not you are circumcised. We have carefully designed our program to work for virtually anyone. And as previously mentioned, we guarantee results or your money back - so just give it a try!

Is your program safe?

Yes, the exercises contained in our program are safe. And since no devices are used, you always remain in control. When followed according to our simple instructions, our program provides a healthy, natural workout designed to enlarge the length and width of the penis, strengthen erections and improve lasting ability. Our unique program contains simple, step-by-step instructions and pictures which clearly explain and demonstrate how to perform each exercise safely and correctly.

How long does it take before I see results?

This is difficult to pinpoint, since each individual will respond differently to our program. In general, most of our members begin to notice slight changes within 2 - 3 weeks of starting our program (some sooner, and some later of course). Naturally, growth rates will vary from person to person and are dependent on several factors such as general health, level of physical fitness, tobacco and/or drug use, alcohol intake, genetics and most importantly - commitment to the program. Some of our members have achieved outstanding results in as little as one week, while other members have taken longer to realize gains. We believe that if you follow our workout as described, you will notice a significant increase in the size and health of your penis within a relatively short period of time. In any case, we tell all members to be patient and do not expect overnight results. Though the penis is not a muscle, exercising the penis can be likened to strength training or endurance training - they all require consistent effort and results are generally gradual - but worth the effort in the end.

Is your program hard to follow?

Not at all. Our program is very simple to use, even if you have a limited knowledge of the english language. Our program has been carefully designed to include very simple exercises which anyone can perform. Plus, we include complete, step-by-step instructions for each exercise as well as pictures which demonstrate the proper form and technique for each exercise. We also provide summary sheets of all 3 workouts for quick reference. And if you ever find yourself needing assistance, please remember that we offer 24 hour online customer support from our Enlargement Fitness Consultants.

Are the results from your program permanent?

Yes, the results from our program are permanent. Once you have reached your desired size, you may discontinue our program at any time. And while you still do not need to continue performing the exercises daily, we do recommend that you perform the workout once every 3 weeks to maintain cell expansion and proper circulation. Not only will occasional exercise help to maintain your enhancements, but it will promote a much healthier penis as well. And not only that - the workouts are just plain fun!

Do you offer a guarantee?

Absolutely! If you've gotten this far into our site and missed it, we'll tell you again. Yes, we offer a full 100% 6-month money back guarantee (Guarantee Info). So there's nothing to lose, and plenty to gain by trying our program.

What type of help do you offer to your members?

We pride ourselves on offering the best customer support of any penis enlargement site today. Our staff of Enlargement Fitness Consultants are available to answer your questions and offer advice via email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just send us an email using our Contact Form and we will respond to your questions promptly. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our program is as comprehensive as possible; however, if you have a specific question which is not addressed in the program, you can feel free to email us at any time.

What is the cost of your program?

The cost for our unique program is just $49.99. This is a one-time fee. We do not charge a monthly fee and you will never be re-billed. All you will ever pay is just $49.99 for unlimited access to our program. Please note that our credit card processor requires that we set a 1 year time limit on the duration of your membership; however, we can assure you that we do not de-activate passwords after a year (or any time thereafter). Thus, it is in essence a lifetime membership.

Is enrollment in your program confidential?

Yes, membership into our program is completely confidential. When you purchase our program, you will be given a unique username and password for accessing our program. You can access our program from any computer in the world with an internet connection and a web browser. We respect your privacy and so nothing will ever be mailed to your home (unless you opt to order a booklet for an additional fee), nor will we ever give away or sell your email address or personal information to anyone.

What name will appear on my credit card statement?

Your credit card will be discretely billed as "Austin Research Institute via InternetSecure" or "PAYPAL AUSTINRESEA"; thus, no one will know what you have purchased.

Is it safe to order online with my credit card?

Yes, ordering online from our site is perfectly safe and secure. We use industry leaders InternetSecure or Paypal for processing all credit card payments so you can rest assured that your transaction is completely safe. Placing an order online with us is much safer than giving your credit card to a waitress to pay for dinner at a local restaurant, or handing your card over to a store merchant. However, if you are still concerned about online security, you are certainly welcome to mail or fax your payment to us - or you can transfer funds to us via Western Union or MoneyGram. Please see our order page for all available options.

I lost my password. How can I get it back?

You should contact us via email with all of the information requested below. We will need all of the following information from you in order to swiftly find your account and help you.

  • Do you remember any part of your username or password? If so, what is it?

  • How did you make your payment (credit card, paypal, mail order, money transfer, etc.)?

  • If payment was made by credit card, what was the name of the billing company shown on your credit card receipt?

  • What is the approximate date of order?

  • Under what name was the order made?

  • Under what email address was the order made (is it different than the email address you are contacting us from now)?
Failure to provide us with answers to the questions above may result in our inability to locate your account.

So what are you waiting for?

Join now and receive instant access to our program, so you can start using it immediately.

And with your username and password, you can check back for new information as often as you wish. Our online program contains an enormous amount of valuable information, and our team of Enlargement Fitness Consultants are constantly updating and improving the program based upon new research and member feedback.



Here's what a few of our members recently had to say...

"Dear M.M.,
Size has never really been a problem for me, though I like the idea of adding a few extra centimeters, of course. My main interest in your program was to straighten my penis because it curves quite severely to the right, and has since I was an adolescent. In any case, long story short, I've been using your techniques for roughly 3.5 weeks now and your program has helped me TREMENDOUSLY with correcting the curvature of my penis. I must say my hopes were high when I read about the results others have received with your program, and you certainly haven't disappointed me. I am very pleased with not only the size increases I've received to date, but the significant straightening that has occurred as well. Please, feel free to print this on your web site and thank you very, very much for this magnificent service you provide!"
Noel D.

"I have been using your program for just short of 2 weeks now and have already noticed an improvement particularly in girth."
John B.

"I have never seen my wife go as nuts over my dick like she does now! I think she might like to see actally how much she could handle! I have had very good results so far, nearly an inch in length and almost a half inch in girth. I really want to get over 8". Thanks for your program and your time."

"I started you program in April. I was 5.75 and now 7.75". God bless you! I am thinking of trying the Invigorex pills you recommend too."
Ron V.

"So far so good. Before ordering your course I incorrectly measured my penus at four and one half inches. Measuring correctly I'm five and three quarters. Still on the small side but much closer to normal. Since then, I've grown over 1/2 inch erect and 1/4 inch girth in just 2 weeks!"
Tom B.

"I had read over your many testimonials and was very impressed so I decided to give this a try. After all what man doesn't want a larger cock? Based on what I have read from others I am guessing I am one of your older members at 69 years young. I am sexually active but like many men my age, have trouble sometimes getting or keeping a full erection. Your program has worked wonders for my erection in terms of both size and strength. I much prefer your natural methods to the use of prescription drugs and such. Thank you for keeping this old man in 'full' form."

"Hi, I've been using your program for 2 months now & so far I'm very Pleased (over 1" girth & 1 1/4" length) I just had to tell someone. thanks"

"I purchased your program over a year ago and I love the results! It's been 6 months since I've visited this site. I can't seem to find my name and password. Could you please send me them? I'm anxious to get back into the swing of things. Please respond asap! Thank you!"
Tim M.

"Hi -
I am a long-time Massivemember user. I own a travel agency in FLorida and I wanted to invite you to check out our site and see if any of our incentives can help you boost sales of your penis enlargement e-book. I joined over a year and a half ago and in the first year I gained 1.5 inches both in length and girth. I recently lost 40 pounds from jogging 4 miles a day on the beach so my penis looks SUPER - I get a lot of more pleasure watching it while masterbating now. It is a real turn on the see the improvements!"
Wade L. - Proud MassiveMember User

"I've been doing your 20 minute, 5 days a week advanced program workout for almost 5 months now. My penis looks healthier, bigger and fuller when hanging flaccid. When rock hard I'm at 5 inches in length. (I was at about 4 when I began.) Very happy all around with everything and thought I should thank you."

"on tomorrow 8/5, I will have a procedure performed to shrink my prostrate glands. It's a day surgery and will last about an hour, a tube or probed or stuck down the penis and heat administered. How long should I wait before starting up again with the exercises. This is the 'only' reason I am concerned about loosing what I've gained. GREAT program, it really does work."

"First I would like to say I am pleased with the format of your site and the ease at which the program can be followed. Secondly, after purchasing the program, I have used it diligently for twelve (12) consecutive weeks with very impressive results in my opinion. Specifically, I've increased my erect length by 3/4 of an inch and my erect girth is up over 1/2 an inch. I must commend your team on a very well-planned and thorough site, and my results are certainly proof that your system does indeed work if you make a dedicated effort. Thank you for your cooperation."

"I really just want to say thanks MM. I would probably be one of your younger members being 18. I was always a little shyer around girls being that i only measured 5.75 inches long. I have tried the pills but never an exercise program. I read the testimonials and the guarantees and decided to do it. I read how one person wrote 'I wish I knew about this program when I was younger, I could have avoided years of feeling inadequate growing up.' Well now i wont have to. I have been on your program for 3 weeks going on 4 and i have already gained .5 inches or a little more and increased girth. Thank you so much."

"I have been on the MM program for about 1-1/2 months. Don't remember the exact date. When I first told my wife about this program she was not agreeable with my getting in it. Until.... Until she started feeling a difference in bed. We had gone through a period where we could not make love for a while. When I entered her, after having done the exercises for a period of time, she took a big deep breath. There was a gleam in her eyes that said WOW. Along with things being wall to wall full for her she has also noticed my ability to last till she says, 'enough.' Just last weekend I stayed in her and stroked till she said we might need to check for burn marks (ha). The whole point is that as a married man I am glad I found this program and now my wife is a BIG advocate of it. I think there are many happily married couple who are looking for something to make an otherwise good marriage even better."

"I bought your program on 5-23-04. I have noticed a increase in length about 3/4 and girth about 1/4 of a inch. I purchased INVIGOREX about a week and a half ago it is for increased blood flow to the sexual organs and the penis and it seems to be helping a lot. If I continue taking this will it make the time for the penis enlargement program quicker and if so with my penis size being 6 3/4 in length and my girth being 5 1/4 would becoming 7 1/2 to 8 inches in length and 6 inches in girth be obtainable through continuous exercise and taking the INVIGOREX supplement. When I started this program I was 6 inches in length and 5 inches in girth."

"I have been working out faithfully for about 9 weeks and have seen gains of about 1 3/4" in length and about 3/4" in girth. I haven't seen any increase in length in the last week, and am wondering if this is the max that I can get, or is there a way to get over this 'plateau' that I have reached? By the way, I'm not dis-satisfied at all, as a matter of fact, my wife loves the new improved me! The 7 3/4 that I now have makes her wild, and she seems to be willing to take more! Can you help? Thanks"

"To be honest i never believed that growing your penis was possible and i was happy with what i had. I was interested in learning how to control myself better so that i would be in control. The PC exercises are amazing and the growth sessions actually worked(bonus). Your customer service is also very good. I am impressed."

"Thought i should let you know that your 30 minute daily excersise plan has produced great results.When i started i was 7 3/8" and have now grown to 8 1/2" in about four months. But what is really pleasing for my partner is the increase that the girth excercises have produced. my girth is now 6" with the rim of my head nearly 6 3/4" and my cock has a strong veined appearance even when flacid. My partner can't wait to show me off on the naturist beaches this summer! Thank you Massivemember."
John - from the UK

"Hi, I have been on your program going on three weeks. I have a question about the veins in my penis. There are two veins one one each side that are getting very pronounced. Is that normal? Should I take more than two days off it a week? Other than that it seems to be working very well. I have seen a gain of exactly half an inch in length. Thanks in advance!"

"The girth exercises are producing amazing results, a 1/4 inch increase in 3 weeks..."

We are proud to have received HUNDREDS of success stories:
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