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Below are actual, unedited emails which we have received from just a few of our 177,000+ members.

Since introducing our revolutionary program nearly 7 years ago, we have received literally hundreds of testimonials from men (and women) from virtually every corner of the world.

Every testimonial below is 100% real. If you have any doubts about our program whatsoever, this is indisputable proof that our program can and will work for you.

We would love to hear from everyone who tries our program and we encourage your feedback. If you have a testimonial that you'd like to share with us, please send us an email and we will post your message here. For your privacy, your email address and last name will not be posted.

Note: Massive Member is a non-adult site; therefore, we do not post before and after photos. For the most part anyway, sites which do post before and after photos have either manipulated the photographs digitally or they "borrow" them from other sites - which is why you will see the same picture on half a dozen different sites. Not very honest, is it? We do not participate in such cheap tricks and you should not fall for them. We let our member's comments speak for themselves...

Now, here's what some of our members have to say about our program ...

"Hey there! Just like to thank you guys for tha AWSOME program, but i'm not writing to tell you something you already know! I joined up with your program less than a month ago... I would be very grateful if you could re-send my password to my email adress because i love this website and don't want to lose it!"
Steve, UK

"Hi. First of all I would like to say what a great site you have. I have been using it for a month or so now and really seeing the results. I am half an inch longer already and a good bit thicker. Thanx again."

"I have been a member for several years now and find your program certainly helped me. I'm happy to report I have gained several inches in length but most important as been my grith now 3 1/2 inches. My penis head has developed to a respectable 5 inches. Most important I feel more confident in myself. I still keep up with your program as it just feel good. I can command an erection at any time without the aid of pills. Thank you, I really believe in your program, and I thank you for that. Signed: A true beliver."


"Hi, your program is great. I was just wondering if the PC execises were essential to growth because I'm getting good results without them. thank you"

"It's been almost 2 months and I've gone from 5 1/2" to 6 1/2" in length and 4 3/4" to just over 5 1/2" in width you've got an excellent program. My girlfriend says what ever I'm doing I should stop the width is starting to be to much."

"hello, i am one of the massive member and i have been doing these exercises about 5 weeks, now my penis is about 6 inches in length, 5 1/2 inches in girth.
1) i have noticed that a SIGNIFICANT growth in length (my penis has growth of one inch in length
2) i too noticed that a BIG growth gain in girth of half inch more around
3) and i feel my penis has more power than before(can last long enough during sex compared to before)
i am very excited about these result but want to know can i split the exercises into few parts in a day? for example, doing half part in the morning and other half in the evening. can i do this? please give me some advices of achieving more excelent results. your kindness will be appreciated. thank you."

"Love the program been on it for, seven months. I am also taking, Invigorex, and Attract-Rx. My size now is 6 1/4 inches long erect 5 1/2 inches around erect and I am actually hanging flaccid. This is up from 4 inches long erect and 3 3/4 inches around erect. I am aiming for a big 8 inch. I now feel confident, hung and horny. I am 50 years old and have always been small and intimidated. It affected every aspect of my life. There was always the nagging felling of not being good enough, not measuring up. I always avoided any public nudity, restrooms etc. I have used pumps, weights and pills before, but I have never had the solid results until your program. My wife of 26 years has noticed the difference and says what ever you are doing it's definitely working, so keep it up. She loves the length and big loads. The bedroom door gets locked, by her, a lot more now. Her comments, 'you’re so big and fat' are a real turn on. Oral is also much better for her too she can now stroke me as she sucks which is a big turn on for both of us. My orgasms are intense and go on much longer. My release is so powerful now. When I started I needed your cock rings, they were a terrific help. I am now long enough I no longer use them. The Man Slide lube is also a big plus It makes you look forward to the exercises even more. The whole experience has given me a can do positive outlook as I can see and feel the results before mine and my wife's very eyes. It feels great. Also your support is quick and helpful. A member for life."
Den in LA

"Its only been two weeks and I have really seen growth! I am on enhancement pills (Invigorex) too but I cant believe it has actually worked so well and over such a short period of time!"

"Hi guys love the site, loads of info. Two questions though:-
1. I have a 6mm Prince Albert which I'm reluctant to remove..."
Best Regards - Nick

"I'm amazed! I've tried other programs and pills with no results. The pills were the biggest joke. At least they had a "money back" guarantee. It took a month to get the money back. But it still cost me $10 for nothing. Since your program also had a guarantee, I thought I'd give it a try. Worse case, I'd get my money back. Best case, it would work and I could say it didn't and still get my money back. My problem is, it has worked so well I can't, in good conscience, lie to you. I started the program on Jan 20, 2002. With a family crisis, business trips, time of month, and whatever, there was no sex for about a month. On February 16, my wife commented that she was tighter than usual. I just smiled. On March 2, I took some measurements. After 41 days, my erect penis length had increased 3/4 of an inch. Circumference increased 1/2 inch. I can't wait until April 2 to see how much more I've grown in a month. I know that if I would have had this program 14 years ago, my married sex life would have been a lot better. Thanks more than I can say!"
Jim C.

"I started your program about 7 weeks ago. I must say I was somewhat skeptical. But thus far I have added an inch to my length. I very much appreciate your service."

"Your workout is awesome and its made a huge difference no pun intended already. BTW, I just received the manslide you recommended. I loved it. It works much better than regular lubricants."

"Hi folks, you have a great program, it works! Last year I reported after three months I increased my penal size both in length and girth. I reached an erect length of 8 1/2" and a girth of 6 1/4". I returned to exercise once again early this year 2010 and have been working out.. After being off the program I thought that I had reached my maximum but tied to gain more. Oh boy!, I gained more. Even in my flaccid state I'm very large. This is the honest truth, my erect length is now 9 1/4" and my girth is now 3 1/2" dia ( 7in cir) . This took some time but I found it worth it. I'm more than satisfied with the increases, especially my girth. I found this to be a challenge. I've found my partner enjoys the wider me more and loves to awake my love muscle, especially the waking hours."

"Dear Austin Research Inst, I wish to inform you that I am using your on line massive member programe since July 08 & I have found it quite useful. I would like to know what other mens programs you offer. Sincerely"

"I have been doing the 20min work our for about 2 months i gained about 1 1/4 after a month and a half , there has been little gain for the 2 weeks or so since, what do you suggest to get me over this plateau and keep getting bigger? I am loving this"

"Dear MM,
I am just writing to thank you for your amazing program. I am one of your younger users probably, and it has been tough growing up with just an "average" penis. I started using the program about a month ago, starting at just 6 inches in erect length. Right now i am now about 6.5 inches erect. I have noticed my flaccid state also larger. I really hope my growth continues as my goal is to reach 8 inches. Also, another great thing i have noticed is that my erections have never been this hard, it really feels like my whole penis is erect. My only question is there anything i can do to really increase size any faster? Well, thank you so much, and i will let you know about my progress."

"Your program rocks. I'm 2 inchs longer already and way fatter too. I got the Manslide and c rings, what a difference in size and and girth with just your program and these 2 products, PS the Manslide is amazing. Thank you very much."

"I have grown 1/2 of an inch in 2 weeks."
S. Lim

"I have been doing your program for 3 weeks and I'm very impressed with it. Already much thicker and harder and some length added too. Good site."

"...By the way this has really made me bigger. I'm definitely harder and last too long for my wife."
Hank B.

"hi, just letting you know that its been a month and i have gained just under a full inch in length and a noticeable girth increase! very happy.. thankyou"

"I have just started your program and I have completely read all your material and found this to be the best exercise and completer program yet. I have done XXXXX in the past for about a five month period with not much success. My size is currently a 7" erect and a 6" girth. I am 46 yrs old 6' tall white male and weight is 165 lbs. I have been doing the 30 minute workout for about a week with great ease and success. I can see this is totally different approach. What would you see as a realistic gain for a three to six month program doing it 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week? Thanks for all your assistance as I really appreciate your help."

"Hi, I only just purchased your program last week and while I haven't committed myself to it yet, I have read through your Website thoroughly and tried out the Workout twice. Now you make particular emphasis throughout the site not to expect any kind of gains for at the least, 2 weeks. I obviously haven't mastered the Workouts by any means, I don't think I was actually doing some of them correctly, but I'm already feeling results. I seem to be hanging a little fuller in Flaccid-state, and Erect I feel longer and thicker. I DO FEEL THE DIFFERENCE. I'm as thrilled as anybody to already be seeing some results, but I can't help but wonder if this is normal or not? Thanks, and thanks for the great program!"

"i've been using the program for about 5-6 months with only 1 month interruption in the middle. i've gain maybe close to 1 inch and want to inquire about some extra advice to gain better results. my technique is good so far. thanks so much."

"i have been doing your program for 2 weeks and have gained 1/2 an inch in length. thanx alot guys,im only 1 inch away from my goal."

"a month ago my girl friend ordered this for me as a joke or kind of a hint maybe even though i was pretty good size. i figured it was a joke but thought what the hell ill try it an see. but damn if my dick aint grown more than a inch when its hard and fatter to. im sportin 8 big fat inches now. i know cause she measured when i got started like you said. i feel like a big stud now and oh yea she loves my dick, she cant get enough of it. you guys f***ing rock. thanks"

"hey guys ur program is great. after 1 week i thought that it was working but when my girl friend asked me if i was taking any enhancement pills i knew it was working as she has no knowledge of the program. ill comment later and give u guys results after my 1st month"

"Hey guys, I'm writing to say I've been following your program for about a month now and 3 days ago I just started taking Invigorex along with my workouts. I've seen impressive gains with a little over an inch in length and some very noticable girth gains. Due to my girlfriend being sick and us unable to have sex for a few weeks, I've been wanting to surprise her with a little something extra in bed. Boy was she surprised to say the least!!!! She could barely take it all and it was the best feeling sex for us both ever! You guys have helped me incredibly and absolutely love your program and am hoping to get even bigger. Thank you guys for your time and excellent program. I feel like such a stud and there's no better feeling than giving my girl more than she can handle :)"

"I have been using your program for a little over 3 months. I saw about 1/2" gain in girth after about 2 weeks, I have gained an additional 1/4" for a total of 3/4". I have gained 1" in length, it seems like growth has stopped, any suggestions?"
Thanks, Mike

"Hello again, I've had this program purchased for a while but really only began seriously following it about two weeks ago. As of two weeks into the exercise, I can happily report about 1/4 of an inch of length increase and a noticeable difference in girth. I just have one question... Thank you guys very much, I can tell already that sticking with this program will give me the results I'm seeking. My girlfriend already noted a difference and asked if I was "still growing or something". Exactly what I was going for."

"hi guys love the program; just wondering after a workout am i ok to have a wank ?"

"First of all thank you. I bought your program over a year ago but wasn't able to put in the time but now I can and have been just like you outlined 5 days a week. I've been doing it for 6 weeks now and all I can say is wow! My biggest thing was hanging fuller and longer and not being drawn up all the time, I noticed that happening in about two weeks and I was happy with that but now it really looks bigger!! You guy's are going to be f-ing rich if your not already, LOL. My question is can you recommend me a really good lotion or herbal topical formula that I can put on daily for skin health. Last but not least thanks for the tips on the InVigorex and Manslide, I know they both have helped considerably."

"Hi, I ordered your program a year ago and it's been working great. My dick is like a teenager again. My erections are rock hard and I got the stamina to give it to my old lady all night. But what she really loves is how much bigger it is now. He he he. Anyway, my old computer's hard drive crashed a while ago along with my saved username and password...."

"Hey guys, just want to let you know how thankful I am for your site. I've only been doing the exercises for a week, but feel as though I'm benefiting from getting in touch with my little soldier. And I'm doing PC exercises all the time. I do have a question that I'm not sure if you'll have the answer for, but with your great customer service maybe you can help... Thanks for your excellent customer service, and again for this program."

"hey guys ur program is great. after 1 week i thought that it was working but when my girl friend asked me if i was taking any enhancement pills i knew it was working as she has no knowledge of the program. ill comment later and give u guys results after my 1st month"

"your penis enlargemnt exercises are great been doing it for 2 months. 20 mins a day and a gained 2 inches in flaccid length and 2 inches in erect length, flacid girth gained 1 1/2 inches and erect girth 1 3/4 inches. so i want to say one thing thanks for the program."

"Love the program been on it for, seven months 2004 to 2005. I am also taking, Invigorex, and Attract-Rx. My size now is 6 1/4 inches long erect 5 1/2 inches around erect and I am actually hanging flaccid. This is up from 4 inches long erect and 3 3/4 inches around erect. I am aiming for a big 8 inch. I now feel confident, hung and horny. I am 50 years old and have always been small and intimidated. It affected every aspect of my life. There was always the nagging felling of not being good enough, not measuring up. I always avoided any public nudity, restrooms etc. I have used pumps, weights and pills before, but I have never had the solid results until your program. My wife of 26 years has noticed the difference and says what ever you are doing it's definitely working, so keep it up. She loves the length and big loads. The bedroom door gets locked, by her, a lot more now. Her comments, 'you’re so big and fat' are a real turn on. Oral is also much better for her too she can now stroke me as she sucks which is a big turn on for both of us. My orgasms are intense and go on much longer. My release is so powerful now. When I started I needed your cock rings, they were a terrific help. I am now long enough I no longer use them. The Man Slide lube is also a big plus It makes you look forward to the exercises even more. The whole experience has given me a can do positive outlook as I can see and feel the results before mine and my wife's very eyes. It feels great. Also your support is quick and helpful. A member for life."
Den in LA

"You guys have a great program, it really works. When I look at myself, it's still hard for me to believe it's really me. At times, I feel like there's a log between my legs, talk about a great feeling!!"
No Name Provided

"I was a total skeptic but thought what the heck for this low price it's worth a shot and the methodology and reasoning of how it worked seemed quite scientific to me. I was skeptical because my family doctor told me that you have what the lord gave you, no more, no less with no physical way of changing it. But after just one week, yes one week, I have already gained half a centimeter in length and one full centimeter is girth at the mid point of my penis. I can just imagine how things will change in another month or so using your program. Thank you so much, especially for your very informative and factual website explanations."
Yours truly,
Thomas, from Mongolia

"Hello there, First let me tell you that this is a very good program with very suprising results. I have been doing your exrcise for 10 days now, my penis grew almost 1.25 inch in girth..."
Thank you, TJ

"I have been using your program for 4 days and today is my rest day so I haven't done any exercises. I did measure myself though, and my penis has grown 1 inch in 3 days!!! I cant believe it, I went from 6 1/4 to 7 1/4. I could tell after just the first day that my penis liked it. It was hanging down farther and looked thicker, it was like it had been needing to be worked out like that for a while. I am 19 and have never had sex, but I am very excited to think that my future wife who ever she is will get lots of enjoyment out of our sex life and that I will really be able to satisfy her. Thanks."

"I've been using your program for almost three months. I've gained ALOT of girth and head size, but only 3/4 inch in lenght.. my question is: will i get more length because i want 2 inches. What would you suggest and recommend? very happy so far with results"
Natko in Hungary

"Hey MM,
Your program is the absolute best! I started the 20 minute workout in June and I have gained 3/4 in width and 1 inch in length. I'm up to 8 inches now! Thank you guys sooooo much. This is the best website!"

"Been on your program for almost two months now, and the results are great. I've noticed a big difference, haha, and my wife takes a breath now when I enter. Don't want to get to big for her so that she turns away from the great loving we have now. just make it better. thanks. girth made the difference rather than length for now. great program."
Jerry C.

"I just want to say thanks you clearly have the best technique available for penis enlargement and my sex life has undergone a huge improvement since I've been useing massive member not to mention my overall self image... thanks"

"Where can I purchase ManSlide? Man, besides having a great program that really works, you guys are so helpful. EVERYTHING you say in the introduction page of your web site is true. THANKS so much."
Jerry O.

"I just wanna thank you for all the help you've given me. I am a full 8 incher now, (4 inches around) but since I am Asian, I find it difficult to find Asian girls who would take me - well I'm cool with that."
Anonymous (by request)

"Hi i just got another two bottles of invigorex(i had 1 so far). and i am in the month 12 of exercises i started getting the best results after the 6-7 months of exercising and then after the 9 month, as i want to get the best i can pls give Me some help of what to do from now on? should i take both bottles and i assume i must stop exercising after 12 months? , what can i expect from now on? Can i continue doing the girth exercises or the whole program or, have i reached my limit after 12 months ? ( i was 5.9 in before and now i am 7.3 inch with 1 month to go)i wanna reach 8 inch if possible. Thanks for Your great support (as always)"
regards Antony

"Hi there, iv just ordered a cock ring. Iv been a massive member since january, and have gained 2 inches in lenghth 6 to 8 and 1and half in gerth 4 to 5and half.Im thinking that the ring may give me more gerth expansion hopefully. Very pleased with the new me. Thanks"

"i bought your program and i am very happy with it. however my computer crashed and i had to rebuild the hard drive which has my user name and password for massive member. could you please send me that user name and password again? thank you for your time"
Mark P.

"Followed your instructions faithfully for a 3 month period. Achieved about a half inch in length and significant girth size. I'm happy with the results but would like more length. I stopped the program about 11-1. Is it safe to do the program again? Could I get more results by doing it again? Also, is it necessary to do refresher excercises to maintain my gains? No matter your answers, the program was well worth the $. Thanks"

"Hey dudes, so in just three weeks i have seen incredible girth gains and good length and im really happy with the results so far. Thanks"

"hi i've been on the program for three weeks know and i've gained a little over an inch in girth but only half an inch lenght is that normal?"
Kevin G.

"Massive Member,
Wow, do I have a lot to say, and I hope that you will post this message to all the people on the testimonials page so they can read: I am a 29 year old doctor, and I must say, I am so skeptical about things such as this. When I started on the MM program, I was sure I was just throwing away money, but I decided to push forward with it anyway, as I have always had size issues. When I started out, I was not too small about 3 inches flaccid and 5.5 inches erect. Girth was not something I cared about increasing, so I did not take measurements there. I started out and I really could feel my penis growing after about 3 workouts to increase length. The girth has visibly increased, my erection is rock-hard, my urine stream doesn't spread out like it used to. I have combined it with PC exercises to a slight degree with some difference in ejaculatory volume. The bottom line is I have grown to 4 inches flaccid and 6 inches erect in two months, but the biggest increase is noticed in the overall size of the erection; it is just unbelievable the overall size gains. The women can really feel the difference. I am so happy with that small investment that I cannot recommend or taught it enough. I believe in full body health, and have gotten significant gains in weight and mass from the gym on my body. My wife thinks my penis grew from that, as she stated the last two times we had sex that she couldn't believe how much bigger I have gotten. The gains in flaccid length have made me excited about going to the bathroom in public. I am so happy that your program is out here, and I am so satisfied. I truly am grateful to your program. Also, I have a question? Is there any way to increase erect length gains more? I love the vessels and the way they look, it just looks healthier. Thank you again MM."

"I have gained 1 inch in length (7)and 1/2 inch in girth (5 3/4) in 10 weeks!! Oh, cardio 5 days a week I think helps also. Thanks a million!"

"I'd like to have the program in print form...I did not see it available in the merchandise section.....How do I go about ordering it??? I just started the program and am very happy with it...seeing big results already!!!!"

"Dear MM,
I think that I have been doing the program(modified) for around 4 months. I am noticing increased erections, better quality of erections, and size gains(mostly in the beginning). My veins in the erect state have definitely started to become larger too which makes my penis strong looking. I never took any measurements before I started but I must have increased a total of 1/2 inch or more in both directions."

"I have been doing your exercises for about 3 weeks now and i am impressed with your program!"

"Now that I've figured a routine that seems to work, is the flaccid flesh suppose to take effect so soon because I went from an inch and a half to three and a half inches this week and was wondering if the results are whats expected, because this is amazing and I love it. Ive been doing the girth and streching excersises and some jelqing with this routine with an erection. Ive been taking Invigorex which seems to help me sustain an erection for these excersises and hope this is okay. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for your time."
M. Jacobson

"Wife is ecstatic about changes but wants more length currently 5 1/2 circumfrance, length is 6 1\4. Taking Invigorex doing 30 minute workout with cock ring for 2 months now. Should I concentrate only on length excersizes? Say she doesn't want it any fatter just longer. Been Married 26 Years 3 teenagers. Looking for your advice. Original measumenent was 4 1\2 long by 4 1-4 wide so your site has given me big improvment already."

"Support Staffee,
Thank you for the program, and for the gains that its given me, both physically, and mentally. I no longer have to worry about timing, or control, and that was a bigger fear than inadequate size in the beginning, thanks."
More Massive Man, Jeff B.

"man, thanx for all the help, even though i haven't started yet, cuz i am "unfortunately" smaller than average, but i ran into your program for a reason and God Bless you guys. Really though, when I get to my ultimate goal which is 8 inches, i will tell you guys no doubt. I wish you were here so i can give you guys a hug, thanx again, and GOD BLESS"
Fred S.

"Hi I've been on your program for almost 2 months and have gained nearly 3 centimeters in length and over 1 centimeter in girth. Still looking for more, but VERY HAPPY with the results so far. I really enjoy your site, it's great! Thanks!"

"I went up a quarter inch already! I just have a few questions... Oh yeah Thanks for the program"
H. I.

"Hello, I've been doing your program for a year now, and have had decent results - nice big veins, greater length and girth, and overall a healthier appearance. Are the results permanent? As an analogy, since I'm a runner and weight lifter, I know if I stop exercising I will lose the vast majority of my gains. In other words, do I need to keep doing your program to keep the gains I've made? (I don't necessarily mind, especially since I like the results.) If it's not advisable to stop completely, I guess what's the minimum per week I should do in order to maintain the gains? I love the gains the program's done for me - but I'm currently single and have my own place - some day when I'm married or if I have a roommate...I may not be able to do the exercises 5 times a week, 15-20 minutes at a time, there just won't be the privacy.... Thanks!!!"

"I've only been on the program for about four days now. I've actually seen a little gain in girth. But I can feel a huge(no pun intended) difference when I urinate(flows awesome). Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone"
c. s.

"I love this program! ive gone up 1 inch in 2 months going from 5 1/2 to 6/12. i cant wait for the next four where maybe ill reach 8 inches!!!"

"Is it okay to do more then one of the lengthening or girth excercises a day? Ive been doing the excercises for two and a half weeks doing every excercise every day I work out. I have noticed my erections are harder and have gained about a quarter of an inch in length and girth already, but was wondering if this was not the optimal routine. Thanks and I am very happy with the excercises and results already."

First I want to say that only after 3 weeks of the 30 minute exercises I've gained one half inch each in girth and length. The program is incredible. I'm so enthused that I've increased the Lengthening exercise - hand over hand exercise to 5 minutes, and the Ultimate Jelq to 10 minutes without any undo soreness. Is this OK to do? Also after I complete the exercise program is there a chance that the expanded cells will shrink to their original size. Thanks"

"So far, my penis feels like it'S hanging heavier and as well as my scrotum. Lets see what happens. Thanks Again!"
J From Florida

"Hi David,
I'm writing this note in order to pass on something that I've discovered by accident, but something that works very well for me. It's a warm down method that I have started to use. Normally when I finish my penis workout I hop in the shower and let the hot water act as the warming agent rather than using a hot towel. The other day I thought that it might be interesting to try applying some shaving cream from my hot lather shaving cream dispenser to my penis and then showering. I know it sounds really strange, but to my delight it worked and it felt like nothing I have ever tried. The shaving cream that I'm currently using has menthol in it and so it also produces a tingling sensation after it's applied. I'm now including this step as a normal part of my warm down process. Another side benefit is that it smells great too. I'd strongly recommend that any of your members that own a hot lather machine try this to see if it might fit in with their warm down regimen. Thanks. By the way, I've also gained another 1/4" bringing me to a total length of 5 1/2". I'll write again soon."

"Dear massive, into the 4th week of the programme now and really enjoying it, already improved the strength of my erections and length by 20 cm. thank you"
Gary W.

"Hi everyone. I started the program in August and have been doing the program on and off since then. My erect length has gone from 5.75 in. to 6.75in., and I definitely see that it is stronger and just barely working towards its potential. Thanks a bunch!! :-)"

"I have only been doing the program a week and can already see its effects. I have not grown any yet but my erections are rock hard and my ejaculation is way more intense. I can't wait to see the growth results. Thanks for the help"

"Hi MM,
I started January and only now I'm seeing some great result. Is this unusual? I'm working on length now. Hope to reach 7 or more. Do you think it possible? Started at 2.5 inches flaccid and now it is about 4 inches. What do you guys think? Wonderful service. Excited! awaiting reply anxiously. Thank you."

"great program you guys have put together here. i just started last week and i'm really looking forward to the whole undertaking. just want to know how do i know to move from the beginner to advanced to expert pc excercises. thanks, and keep up the good work"

"Hi!, I have been excersizing since October, 2003, about 3 months now... (Gains reported from 10/03 to 1/04 in inches)
  • Flaccid Girth was 2 1/2", now 3 1/2".
  • Flaccid Length was 4", now 6".
  • Erect Girth was 4", now 6 1/4".
  • Erect Length was 6 1/4", now 8 1/2".
I use the C-ring during the excersize. It seems to help increase my girth when erect."
Bob R.

"Hello i am just ending month 3 i have gained 1 1/2 inches ( i was 14.5cm and now i am 18cm) so far should i go for 6 months? Is there more to expect? Or should i stop here? Thanks for Your Help and service."

"I can't believe I forgot my pwd, and by the way, My wife and I are loving the results from your web site. Thank you so much."
Robert S.

"Hi, I've been doing this program for about 3 weeks, and have noticed some gains already, I was curious as to how to contact for questions and such?"
Tanner F

"I have gained 2 1/2 in my length thanks again.."
Jonas G.

"I want to say your program is laid out really nice! I am very excited to get started as I have heard so many great things about massivemember :) I will be emailing you again in a few weeks with my progress"
Mike R.

"Hi specialists , This is Sunny who just paid and became a member of your program. I truly belivev that I made the right choice cuz I went through your program after login in and think what you say is of high scientific proof. I also love the way you express, it's easy to understand, especially for me as a second language speaker. Thanks for your effort."

"I have been using the program for about 2 months and find that my 4 1/2 inch penis is now 6 inches -- what a deal -- thanks."
Harris C.

"First things first, your program is awesome. I'm already noticing positive changes. The thing is I love to work out. I lift weights, and take a protein supplement. I was wondering if taking protein effects the results positive or negative. Once again thank you for your outstanding product."

"Hi my name is Orlando and I want to tell you that this program in amazing, even when I didn't follow the program 100% because I didn't read carefully the first time today I did that, after a month in the program I got 1/2 inches in this week this is amazing for me and I think that making the changes in my routine starting tomorrow I will improve my gains, for my is ok 1 1/2 inches more, I was 6.25 inches now I'm 6.75 inches, 7.75 or 8 inches is ok for me but if I can get more I will be happy, my erections are harder and longer and my flaccid penis hang beautifully."

"Hi there,
Excellent site! Instead of the hot wraps i have been doing my exercise in a very hot bath (more privacy). Will this hinder my progress in any way? Let me know and thanks again for the fantastic exercise program you guys have put together!"

" I am a member of your program. It is a very good program for me. Can you advise... Thank you for your continued assistance and very excellent service."

"I have been using the program now for about 4 months and I have definitely made gains. The big gains that I have made have been in muscularity with my erections and with overall strength of my erections. My girth gains have been huge too. Girth has increased by about 30% already but my length is only up about 10% right now (from 5 to 5.5 inches). At what point does the penis on average stop responding to the exercises? Some back ground info on me - I have been doing only the advanced work outs only and I have been very consistent with them. I am looking to put 1 inch on in length and I am only half way there. I am 30 years old. My diet is all right but could improve. I weight train 2-3 times a week but do not do cardio. What I want to know is on average what are realistic length gains and when do the exercises stop working on average. As well any advice would be appreciated. Other than this question I am extremely happy with my results and want more."

"Getting great results in length and width...."

"hi, i would like to tell i am very happy with the results so far.i used to have a little saying half an inch less and i would be a queen half an inch more and i,d be a king i do not say that any more because of your program thank you so much."
D. Orton

"I have neglected your website for long enough. I saw awesome results the first time I used it, and now I want to try it again to get bigger. The problem is, I forgot my user name and password.... Thanks a million. Your system is amazing!"
Terry K.

"hi, i bought a password to ur site about a year ago, an i followed the workouts, an i gained a full inch in length, an noticeable girth. i took invigorex for a few months. anyway i'm writing because i've gained some size, getting great erections, but i want to know if there's anything I can do to have more cum..."
Eric G.

"Thank you for your magnificent program. Is it possible to plateau meaning to stall my growth for a short period and how can I combat this?"
B. Blalock

"Hi, I recently started your program(starting my 2nd week) I might be nuts but it appears to be working already. I bought man-slide and ordered the cock-ring 2 days ago and can't wait to use them with my workouts."
Rob L.

"First I would like to praise you for this process. It has helped my self-esteem more than I imagined and I am 53 now. I have an average size penis. I have noticed affects in three days. I am now on eighth day."

"after 6 months how can i maintain my growth without doing the exercises every day. do u recommend a different schedule with longer periods of time in between? What do u think? I really like my gains and would like to keep them - what do u recommend?-Thank u"
Nathan E.

"Hello, first of all I absolutely love your program. Thank you so much for creating it and making it available..."
Ryan M.

"i've been doing the 20 min workout since dec 05/03 I've made gains both in length and girth. my wife says thanks for your program!!!"
Dean F.

"I have not been on the site for a while because my wife said i was getting to big. I went from 6 1/2 to 7 3/4 in a few short months and it was to painfull for her!!!"

"Dear M.M.,
Size has never really been a problem for me, though I like the idea of adding a few extra centimeters, of course. My main interest in your program was to straighten my penis because it curves quite severely to the right, and has since I was an adolescent. In any case, long story short, I've been using your techniques for roughly 3.5 weeks now and your program has helped me TREMENDOUSLY with correcting the curvature of my penis. I must say my hopes were high when I read about the results others have received with your program, and you certainly haven't disappointed me. I am very pleased with not only the size increases I've received to date, but the significant straightening that has occurred as well. Please, feel free to print this on your web site and thank you very, very much for this magnificent service you provide!"
Noel D.

"I have been using your program for just short of 2 weeks now and have already noticed an improvement particularly in girth."
John B.

"I have never seen my wife go as nuts over my dick like she does now! I think she might like to see actally how much she could handle! I have had very good results so far, nearly an inch in length and almost a half inch in girth. I really want to get over 8". Thanks for your program and your time."

"I started you program in April. I was 5.75 and now 7.75". God bless you! I am thinking of trying the Invigorex pills you recommend too."
Ron V.

"So far so good. Before ordering your course I incorrectly measured my penus at four and one half inches. Measuring correctly I'm five and three quarters. Still on the small side but much closer to normal. Since then, I've grown over 1/2 inch erect and 1/4 inch girth in just 2 weeks!"
Tom B.

"I had read over your many testimonials and was very impressed so I decided to give this a try. After all what man doesn't want a larger cock? Based on what I have read from others I am guessing I am one of your older members at 69 years young. I am sexually active but like many men my age, have trouble sometimes getting or keeping a full erection. Your program has worked wonders for my erection in terms of both size and strength. I much prefer your natural methods to the use of prescription drugs and such. Thank you for keeping this old man in 'full' form."

"Hi, I've been using your program for 2 months now & so far I'm very Pleased (over 1" girth & 1 1/4" length) I just had to tell someone. thanks"

"I purchased your program over a year ago and I love the results! It's been 6 months since I've visited this site. I can't seem to find my name and password. Could you please send me them? I'm anxious to get back into the swing of things. Please respond asap! Thank you!"
Tim M.

"Hi -
I am a long-time Massivemember user. I own a travel agency in FLorida and I wanted to invite you to check out our site and see if any of our incentives can help you boost sales of your penis enlargement e-book. I joined over a year and a half ago and in the first year I gained 1.5 inches both in length and girth. I recently lost 40 pounds from jogging 4 miles a day on the beach so my penis looks SUPER - I get a lot of more pleasure watching it while masterbating now. It is a real turn on the see the improvements!"
Wade L. - Proud MassiveMember User

"I've been doing your 20 minute, 5 days a week advanced program workout for almost 5 months now. My penis looks healthier, bigger and fuller when hanging flaccid. When rock hard I'm at 5 inches in length. (I was at about 4 when I began.) Very happy all around with everything and thought I should thank you."

"on tomorrow 8/5, I will have a procedure performed to shrink my prostrate glands. It's a day surgery and will last about an hour, a tube or probed or stuck down the penis and heat administered. How long should I wait before starting up again with the exercises. This is the 'only' reason I am concerned about loosing what I've gained. GREAT program, it really does work."

"First I would like to say I am pleased with the format of your site and the ease at which the program can be followed. Secondly, after purchasing the program, I have used it diligently for twelve (12) consecutive weeks with very impressive results in my opinion. Specifically, I've increased my erect length by 3/4 of an inch and my erect girth is up over 1/2 an inch. I must commend your team on a very well-planned and thorough site, and my results are certainly proof that your system does indeed work if you make a dedicated effort. Thank you for your cooperation."

"I really just want to say thanks MM. I would probably be one of your younger members being 18. I was always a little shyer around girls being that i only measured 5.75 inches long. I have tried the pills but never an exercise program. I read the testimonials and the guarantees and decided to do it. I read how one person wrote 'I wish I knew about this program when I was younger, I could have avoided years of feeling inadequate growing up.' Well now i wont have to. I have been on your program for 3 weeks going on 4 and i have already gained .5 inches or a little more and increased girth. Thank you so much."

"I have been on the MM program for about 1-1/2 months. Don't remember the exact date. When I first told my wife about this program she was not agreeable with my getting in it. Until.... Until she started feeling a difference in bed. We had gone through a period where we could not make love for a while. When I entered her, after having done the exercises for a period of time, she took a big deep breath. There was a gleam in her eyes that said WOW. Along with things being wall to wall full for her she has also noticed my ability to last till she says, 'enough.' Just last weekend I stayed in her and stroked till she said we might need to check for burn marks (ha). The whole point is that as a married man I am glad I found this program and now my wife is a BIG advocate of it. I think there are many happily married couple who are looking for something to make an otherwise good marriage even better."

"I bought your program on 5-23-04. I have noticed a increase in length about 3/4 and girth about 1/4 of a inch. I purchased INVIGOREX about a week and a half ago it is for increased blood flow to the sexual organs and the penis and it seems to be helping a lot. If I continue taking this will it make the time for the penis enlargement program quicker and if so with my penis size being 6 3/4 in length and my girth being 5 1/4 would becoming 7 1/2 to 8 inches in length and 6 inches in girth be obtainable through continuous exercise and taking the INVIGOREX supplement. When I started this program I was 6 inches in length and 5 inches in girth."

"I have been working out faithfully for about 9 weeks and have seen gains of about 1 3/4" in length and about 3/4" in girth. I haven't seen any increase in length in the last week, and am wondering if this is the max that I can get, or is there a way to get over this 'plateau' that I have reached? By the way, I'm not dis-satisfied at all, as a matter of fact, my wife loves the new improved me! The 7 3/4 that I now have makes her wild, and she seems to be willing to take more! Can you help? Thanks"

"To be honest i never believed that growing your penis was possible and i was happy with what i had. I was interested in learning how to control myself better so that i would be in control. The PC exercises are amazing and the growth sessions actually worked(bonus). Your customer service is also very good. I am impressed."

"I am 76 years old. I have been using your program for about six months. My erections have grown from 5-1/2 inches to 7 inches. That's fine with me. Thanks for real help."


"Dear Massive,
I have been using your program since the middle of February 2003. I used to be ashamed of my smaller than normal penis (5 1/2 inches, standard girth) and my dating life suffered from that. I don't follow the exercises very carefully, I usually follow them somewhat, but adapt them to time and circumstances. I went from an (approximate) five inch penis with normal girth to a SIX AND A HALF INCH PENIS WITH BIG-TIME GIRTH now (the end of March). I understand it is not courteous to type in capital letters on the internet, but I love my new penis. I'm way more confident around women then I ever was before, and it shows in every social situation when I am near women. Because of my new confidence, I meet more young women, and I meet them on a regular basis ( I'm a 27 year old grad student at a major university) I expect my growth to continue, and look forward to impale the numerous young women I've met (19 - 35 years old) on my long and very thick cock, giving them the good time they all deserve for becoming friendly with me. Your program is worth much more than fifty bucks."

"Funny, it doesn't really look any different, but I measured myself and there is a half an inch extra that wasn't there before. Thanks for the quick write-back!"

"Hey, guys. I've been doing the exercises for one week now. And while not noticing any increase in length as of yet, I noticed I increased a 1/2 inch in girth! Is this possible? I'm doing the 30 minute workout. Both my penis and scrotum feels bigger, heavier. I'm absolutely amazed about Massive Member. I hope to gain about 2 inches in length and 1 to 1 1/2 inch in girth in 2 months. I'm measuring myself weekly and am keeping a log during my workouts. Thanks from a very satisfied customer!"

"In case you guys keep track, I've completed my first month on your program. I gained 1" in length (from 5" to 6") and 5/8" in girth (from 4" to 4 5/8"). Is this considered average or normal? I'm very pleased, to say the least... If I maintain this pace, I'll hit my goal in only three months... Thanks for the excellent program!"

"Hi.... I am 44 years old, married,with two teenage sons. I have been married for almost 16 yrs. My wife does not know I joined your membership. She is a nonbeliever in this sort of thing..... So she has no idea I doing your exersise program.... Won't she be surprized??? Any how, for as long as I can remember, I always wanted to huge and massive.... To the extreme limits possible!!! I started on tuesday Dec. 4 th . I have already noticed a 1/2 inch increase in my girth size... Being I am e-mailing you from my home system... Do not want wife or kids to recieve your reply!!!!"
Thank You Very Much

"Hey Massive, I want to write and say I am well pleased with the results so far. I have been doing the program only six weeks and and have gone from 2 1/4" length flaccid and 5" length erect with a girth of 4 7/8". Now my flaccid length is 3 3/8" and the girth is 4 7/8". It already is a very nice looking package glancing in the mirror and my wife is liking the look as well, every time she gets the chance she is holding it and feeling it. My present measurements hard are, 6 1/4" length and 5 5/8" girth.It really is feeling like I have something in my hand now,my wife's first word for the feeling was "meaty". I am getting a lot more moans and oohs during sex now and I have to at times ease up on my thrusts in order for her to catch her breath. Guys if you would like to have this kind of change in bed then get with the program. Thanks Massive for your help!"
".........P.S. Massive if you guys ever start posting pictures, I would certainly send one, I am quit proud of my "Big Boy" as my wife calls him."
John F.

"I'm a member and since my wife is much happier after several months of excercise, We were wondering if there are any exercises or suppliments that will encourage the growth of her clitorous. I do not see how the exercises can help her as it is not big enough to begin with. thank you for your reply."
Jeffrey P.

I have been in the program since 4/2/02 and it has been wonderful. I am in my mid 50s and the increase that I have experienced as been great. My is very shy but her body has told me she appreciates the increase even though I have not formally mentioned it to her...may when I have completed the 1st six months. I have graduated my program to the 30-minute workout and it is really taking off. I have allowed the 2 day rest because I believe it was the right thing you mentioned in the literature. After 10/2/02 I will contact you again...but until then thanks."
CB - South Jersey

"Thanks - you're program rocks! 1/2" in 2 weeks and muscles for days."

"I've been using the program for about a month now. I'm definately much harder and I've grown from 6" erect and 5" in girth to 6 3/4" and 5 3/4"."

"hi i am not satified with the results i have only grown 3/4 inch in length and 1/4 inch in circumference. Can i have my money back?" (note: can you believe the nerve of this guy?)
Skander C.

"I just started to workout 2 nights ago. I swear my penis seems a little bigger. A little fuller. I know that's not possible in such a short time, but I an see how these exercises will work with commitment and the proper form. And I'm utilizing both. Thanks for Massive Member. Any your customer support. You guys are the best. :-)"

"After 7 weeks, I've gained 3/4 of an inch in length & 1 1/2 inches in girth. Are these good results or should I expect better results?"

"I purchased you program about a week and a half ago, and I must say it is the BEST PURCHASE OF MY LIFE!!! I have noticed growth of 1/4 inch EVERYDAY that I have exercised!! I don't know if this is unusual, or if it is going to slow down, but I love it!! I went from 6 to 7 in 4 workouts!! WOW! Thanks Massive Member!!! Only one question, it has me feeling so good afterwards, does it hinder the process to if you masturbate afterwards??"

"Been with the program for 9 months with good progress in the first 4 months. Have gained about 1.5 inch in length and .5 inch in girth. Circumstances prevented me from training for 2 months this winter. Mow I am back on the workout schedule."

"i'm 19. 3 weeks of the program and over an inch of girth and a half inch of length.. that's good stuff"

"I started this system a couple weeks ago after leaving another one with little success. Flaccid size seems pretty easy to increase but thats about all I got from the other system. These new exercises make sense and may be working already. I know flaccid size is going up again and erect size seems to be. It's early , I'll have to wait to see. Hopefully I'll be able to augment this program with the Invigorex .Got to get that one past my wife. She's at a loss as to why I want to anyway. I'm already small / average size. That may be fine for her but not me. I'm 48 and want better health ALL the way around. I'm not sure I want a response so much as to thank you for your program which seems to be sensitive to a sensitive subject and who knows, may even work for me. Good luck to me"

"Just another short note to let you know that when I took a measurement today I found that I had gained another 1/4" in length. Normally I would not bother you with that bit of information, but at 5 1/4" I'm now exactly one inch longer than I was when I started your program in January. I'm very committed to going for additional gains. Last week I started taking an herbal supplement (Don't worry, it doesn't contain Yohimbe) and I'm hoping that with an improved blood flow I'll see greater gains. I'm also still exercising on my stationary bike for 25 minutes (7 1/2 miles) every day and I'm also getting ready to start an exercise program with my 'Total Gym' in the evening before dinner. Well that's it for now. I'll write again soon. Thanks for listening."

"Hey there massive memeber people :) I have been doing your PE for 6 months now and my gf says my dick is as big as a fist *laughs* thanks a lot guys :) I had a real quick question for you guys and i hope you guys can answer them... Thanks and have a good day.... once again thank you... your PE has made a world of difference in my bedroom... its like when i pull my pants down now my chick eyeballs my thing with a shocked face... i went from a 5.5 to a 7.0 and i want to get to a 8 some day :)"

"I have been on the program 5 weeks have gain about 3/4 to 1 inch in length can I expect more results in the 12 to 24 month stage?"
Joe C.

"I have been on the program now for over 12 weeks with amazing results. My length has increased from 5 3/4" to 8" and girth from 5 1/2" to 6". My Wife Just Puuuuuuuuuur's as I pump that Rock Hard Big Boy in Her.... I'm shooting for 9".. wish me luck."

"Hello the trainers of MassiveMember. You might remember me a couple of months ago, from my frequent questions. All the answers have came into good use, all the hard work has paid off. From the beginning of september of 2002, until now, I have gained about 1/2 plus 1/8 inch (5/8 inches). Girth has increased, blood is flowing stronger, I am becoming stronger. But I haven't started gaining my true potential until of the starting of cardiovascular exercises. As you have pointed it out before, being in tip-top shape is a vital importance to have the best results. As I found my self out of shape do to my own goals of body building, I have reached those goals, and now have started to do cardio, and sure enough, my results have shown a tremendous impact due to cardio work out. Gentlemen, to those who are reading my testimonial, and who are out of shape, TRUST ME!! CARDIO IS THE WAY TO GO with the program, the program is great, but will give u the best results if u are in the good cardio shape, so you can have rich oxygen flowing everywhere. I have started out as 5 1/2, and now 6 1/8, talk about results! I will keep posting my results, and thank you MassiveMember for your help."

"I've been using your product for about two weeks now and i already see a big difference in girth"

"I have got great result this 1st two weeks!"

"Just letting you know the success I have had so far using your techniques! By the way I started Oct 8, 2004 so it has been about 4 and a half months! My girth has gone from 4 inches to 6 1/2 and my length has gone from 6 3/4 to 7 1/2 inches erect! It really has made a big difference you can see and feel!"
Thank You,
J W Denver, Colorado

"You guys have the greatest program, it really works. Question, if I started out with a length of 5.75 inchs on Aug. 14 and now its 2 months later and I am 7.125 inchs now do I take it that this is maximum growth for me? I am very happy with my result but would like more and wonder if it is worth trying. Thanks, and again great program."

"I've been a member for about 10 months, and I have experienced some positive results, i.e., nearly an inch growth in girth size and a more healthy looking penis..."
Wendell F.

"Hi guys!
Great program! After 8 weeks I have gained a full inch and I am much thicker. I am actually enjoying the program and look forward to it. Just one question. You say that you shouldn't ejaculate 2 hours before or 3 hours after a session. Just wondering is it more beneficial not to ejaculate at all between sessions? I don't have a partner at the moment so I'm not under any pressure and was wondering if not ejaculating at all would help promote growth."
Fred L.

"is there any way to go back down i have been using this system for about a month and have already gained about an inch my girl friend dosen't like it is there any way to go back down"
David S.

"I started your program 2 weeks ago and followed it to the letter. It took a while to figure the exercises out, and I have to find different times to do them because I have a house full of kids and a wife, I don't want to get caught, and there's only one bath room. I must be doing it right, I measure 1/2 inch more in length, and 1/4 more in girth, after exercise. Will the gains continue? You were right when you said I would look forward to the exercises."

"I wanted you to know that you guys and your encouraging responses are truly worth the money I've paid for the service. Best regards, and thanks again. You guys are great."
No Name Provided

"Hi, I started your program about 2 weeks ago. I definitly see the results, thicker and somewhat longer penis."

"Your st(r)ong advice on hot towels suggests many people think this is a waste of, or inconvenient use of, time. Maybe you will want to pass this on: (1) wrap and hold with one hand, brush your teeth with the other hand; (2) exercise; (3) Wrap and lay it on the sink while shaving. Warm up and warm down while doing what you do everyday. At age 71 I am not ready to brag after my first month, but I am seeing good results. And I never dreamed an exercise program could be so enjoyable!"

"After 58 days in the program 1 full inch longer erection. ONE INCH - AND STILL GROWING!!!"

"i have been on your program for about 10 months. i started out with 7 inches and i am now 8 3/4 inches."

" ive been doing this for about 3 weeks or so, and the results are great, about one inch so far. anyway, thanks so much guys, i appreciate it greatly. you'll be hearing from me again."

"hey guys. i was wondering about the order of the program. im doing kind of a hybrid of the 20 and 30 minute workout, plus i added the scrotum enlargement. im really wanting to enlarge my scrotum and have it hang lower, and there are a couple things i was wondering. is there an optimum time during the workout for this to happen more efficiently? i prefer doing it right off the bat before anything (other than the warm up) because theres no lube on it and its much easier to grip and stretch, it feels like i can get a much better stretch going rather than doing it later in the excercise. is there anything more or more specific that i can do to get the most results for this? is it best to do it erect or flaccid? can i go longer or maybe 2x per day at seperate times? anyway, ive added about an inch i think (give or take a 1/4" depending on how exactly i measured it the first time) in only 3 weeks, so im super stoked.
thanks for your time, i appreciate it"

"5 months into the program and gains of 1 1/2" length and 1/2" girth. Please advise me how to maximize my efforts at this point? My workout schedle is 5 days per week with a couple extra days rest every few weeks. Thank you for the gains so far and help!"

"I have been on your program since April 2002. I am very very happy with the results so far. I have gone from 6 inches to 8 5/8 inches..."
No Name Provided

"I started your progam 9-13, doing your 20 min. exercises. I've gained almost 1/2" length!"

I am 65 and in better than average health. I started your program one month ago. there has been no length gains yet but happy to report a circumference gain from 5-1/4" to 6-1/4"! and noticed that I can better control ejaculation and bring my erection to a soft state using the PC muscle."

"Thanks Joe for a quick answer. Also I would like to share that in only three weeks I have gained 3/4 of an inch in length and 1/4 in girth. I am pleased. Hopefully that pace will remain the same. Also in the curve I measure 6 1/4". SO the curve makes a big difference. Will the growth pace remain the same or will it slow down a lot after the first couple of weeks. Thanks again."

"Hi I've been on your program for the last few days and I must say that I've already feel changes in my penis. My erections seem harder, my orgasms seem to be more intense, and my penis feels more masculine..."
Thanks again

"Just had to say thanks! Only been on the program 2 weeks now, and I can't believe how well it's working!! Don't even have to measure, the results are that visible! I'm a nudist and I didn't say anything to my partner about starting the program and just yesterday he questioned me on it!! I'm not telling yet (ha-ha)you guys don't know how long I've waited for a program that REALLY works thanks again"

"I purchased your program last November, and used it faithfully for 7 months. During that time period, I gained an 1.25" in length (6" to 7.25"), and 1/2" in girth (4.5" to 5"). Thanks for a great program!"
Tommy H.

"I'm in the middle of my 6th week of your program so far I've gained an 1.25 in. in length. I was reading some of letter and questions sent in, one was asking the percentages of increases 1,2,3 & 4" and does anybody really gain 4" can you provide me with stats."

Just a quick note - thank you very much for the quick response and for the awesome product that you offer. I have been doing the exercises for 18 days and noticed that I am definitely harder and slightly thicker. I am doing the 30 minute workout. I have also noticed a slight increase in length about an 1/8 of an inch. So, I know this works. I forced myself to be positive about the program, because, in all honestly, I was a little skeptical! I will keep you guys posted. Thank you!
Rico C.

"hey been on the program for 3 weeks Think I gained 1/4 inch both ways. Cool!"

"I had used another program with good results. I used your program this year with additional results. I found it easier to use, and, faster results. I started with an erection of 5 3/4 and now have it up to just over 7 inches. More important is the circumference that has gone from 5 1/4 to 6 inches. Not bad, not bad. My wife can really tell the difference and appreciates the work it took to obtain that difference."
Gerald M.

"I just wanted to let people know that the program does work. I was quite skeptical but took a chance and did the exercises. I am 55 and have always been on the smaller size of average and especially small when flacid. After 6weeks I have doubled my flacid size and now don't fell ashamed when flacid. For me that was only a 2 inch gain. My girth has increased only a 1/4 inch. My erect penis has not shown much but I am quite hopeful that as I persist I will see result in the erect state also. so my advice is give a true test and you will surprise yourself because here is something that actually works."

"Your program has been very effective for me in the year and a half I was on it and I thank you for this. I gained almost two inches."

 Hi, I have been using your program for over three mos. and have seen a substantial improvement in the flaccid state (currently around 3-3 1/2 inches), around 3/4 inch in girth which is now at 4 7/8 and maybe 3/8 in length which puts me just shy of six inches. The girth and flaccid gains were fairly quick at around 4-6 weeks. The length has been more recent. I am 48 yr.. old, smoke cigars, am generally in good shape, married and have sex 5-8 time per week and just recently started taking a good multivitamin. My wife doesn't know I have been using your program and at this time thinks she has become tighter rather than me thicker. I intend to continue the exercises but am curious as to the probability of additional growth. Additional girth is probably most desirous for me but would not regret another inch in length that would put me at around seven inches. Time and privacy is an issue in my home. We have a spa outdoors and usually "work out" in the tub early in the morning. I am an early riser (usually around 4:30) while the rest of the house can be real slug-a-beds. The water at 102-103 degrees is not as hot as the temp I can stand for the hot towel warm up and am wondering if this has any impact on the results. Lubrication for the lengthening exercises is also difficult but I feel that the blood is moving well during this part. Basically I am just wool gathering and am interested in your opinions or thoughts."

"I've been using your techniques for the last 3 weeks and have resulted in .5 inches added to my erect penis, thank you."


"I've only been on the program for 10 days and already am seeing a big difference. I'm 19 and in college and have always been self-conscious about my penis size but I'm feeling much better about it now thanks to your site. I will give you an update after 30 days to tell you how much I've grown but for now a BIG THANK YOU! I still can't believe how well this is working!!!"

"Hi...I started your program in Jan.03. I was 5.75 I am now 6.8. I hit a few sticking points in my training. I am on my second bottle of Invigorex. I think its working. I have not been too consistent with my workouts. I have been averaging about three per week... I am very happy with the results so far. I want to get to 8."

"I just bought this program about 3 weeks ago. ANY ONE READING THIS PAGE BELIEVING THAT THIS DOSEN'T WORK: LISTEN UP RIGHT NOW. After just TWO SESSIONS, I noticed that my penis felt thicker. I set a goal, which was to just push 6 inches. Within these first two weeks, I've gained 1/4 of an inch, and my orgasams are mind-blowing. You can really trust these guys."

"Hello I really need your help, you've ALWAYS been so helpful, and thanks. Let me begin by saying I've been a member for some time now, I must say your program works. I cant believe the results I have achieved thus far and hopeful will continue to see. I know the program works, but I need to ask questions regarding another area that I need to work on... THANKS so much and again, great program."
Jesse J.

"Hey guys I love your program."
Ryan M.

"Firstly can I say how pleased I am with first results of the exercises. I was very sceptical upon starting but the improvement in flaccid state girth and length have been fast and continuous. Improvements in erect are becoming evident now in this my 3rd week. My only question is... I am very pleased as I said and I must thank you for this incredible program which has changed my life."

"Just wanted to say Thank You!! Your program is great and I am seeing dramatic results after just a little over 2 months! I've increased 1/2 an inch in girth and length in the flaccid state! Hard a 1/4 of an inch! Feels healthier, stronger bigger and longer! It is nice to know that even though science says it can't be done it is possible with determination and consistency! Thanks again!"
James W.

"Hi! I have been on your program since October 2003 and worked hard to maximize growth. I am sure the program has helped me increase in size I seemed to have reached a maximum in length. I started with an erection of 6" and now am 8 3/4". I'm very satisfied with this length but have seen no change in the past month. Is this normal? My Girth has seen amazing growth, from 2 inches in dia to 3 1/2" in dia. At times when I wear a C-ring I exceed 4 inches. I have a pump and can no longer use it because of my girth. Thanks, the program does work. When I am flaccid my penis feels heavy and does not change much in girth, about three inches in dia. My length is about 6 inches when flaccid and the head is covered with skin growth as if I was never circumcised. In closing my sex life has improved from one a month to 3 to 4 times a week and sometimes more. My partner loves a bigger me, my thanks. Never has a "RODD" seen more attention (Just a bad joke).
Thank you,
R. Rodd

"ps. love the program, i cant wait to see the results!"
Scott S.

"I have a good progress with your course. My girthsize has enlarged with 4cm and my erectionlenght with 2cm."
Huib H.

"I have been on the program for about 3-4 months. I am seeing some significant girth increase and my wife sees and feels the difference. The fit is very tight in her. Thanks for this program. At first my wife was skeptical but now she encourages the exercise and smiles at the results. Things are becoming breathtaking for her."

"I have been on the program for 5 months, and I have great gains when erect, from 6.75 to 8.00. Thanks"

"Hello Massive member people,
Due to circumstances I have lost my username and password and I couldn't get back on the site. But your program has been so good to me that I am willing to spend another $50 to get in. Seriously, thank you for all your work on my anatomy! :) I feel so good doing your exercises that I feel like masturbating after them and I do (2-3 hours after) but I wanted to ask you if frequent masturbation reduces the amount of time a man can stay erect. Thank you so much!"

"I just completed the first month on the program, and I am so pleased of the way my penis looks. It feels and looks heavy. Like never before. I see an increase of half an inch in the soft state. So far so good."

"I paid for this service about a year ago i think and i did go from eight inches to nine but its been awhile and i was going to get started again but i lost my passcode so if you could please send me my passcode again it will be greatly useful I paid by debit card and the total i paid was fifty dollars so the faster you guys respond the faster i will have my ten inches thanks"

"Dear Massive Member:
I recently purchased the program and have begun the 20 minute workout program skipping the beginner workout. My erect penis size, as measured with a metal fabric ruler starting from the base of the pelvic bone to the end of the penis was six inches in length. This was what led me to purchased the program since as a teen and early on in my twenties, I was six and a half inches in length(what teen hasn't measured his penis). Amazingly, after only my 1st workout, my penis length returned to its original (younger years) length of six and a half inches. Perhaps this is due to the increased blood flow that the program stimulates. Please note that my penis has a natural downward curve and both before and after the exercises my measurements were done making sure to hold the penis straight(no curvature).

These are great results for me in only one workout. Especially in my early thirties. No man wants to lose size with age, but that seems inevitable without exercises. In any event, this is now my third day of exercises and you'll never guess the length now. Keeping the ruler in the same position as before to repeat the exact same measurements, the length has increased to six and three quarters. This is no lie... what man would tell you he's smaller today than he was as a teenager? I am using the same ruler and still keeping it pressed against the pubic bone right at the base of the shaft of the penis. These results are phenomenal. I am very pleased to see that i have not wasted my money in a scam or lame program that claims it works. I can see for myself it does.

Of course, I have modified the program slightly. I apply more pressure in the jelqing and girth exercises to the point of moderate discomfort. This may not work for others but it seems to work for me. I can also see the increased blood flow to the penis from the enlarging capillaries or veins that were not visible before. Like when you start lifting weights if you ever noticed the new veins that weren't there before. Well, they were there, but they never got the amount of blood flow that they get when the blood pressure and flow is increased through them. This causes them to increase in size and visibility. This is what i have experienced with my penis and Massive Members workout.
For those of you with doubts....I'd say its only natural to be skeptical. I was at first.... but now... I'm a FIRM Massive Member believer. Pardon the pun."

"Just wanted to say thank you! I have been using this program for only 4 days 'the 20 min' and I can already tell a difference in the size by half an inch. It really works! Went from 7" to 7 1/2"."
Matt F.

"I was a total skeptic but thought what the heck for this low price it's worth a shot and the methodology and reasoning of how it worked seemed quite scientific to me. I was skeptical because my family doctor told me that you have what the lord gave you, no more, no less with no physical way of changing it. But after just one week, yes one week, I have already gained half a centimeter in length and one full centimeter is girth at the mid point of my penis. I can just imagine how things will change in another month or so using your program. Thank you so much, especially for your very informative and factual website explanations."
Yours truly,
Thomas, from Mongolia

"I got some good results this morning. Much to my amazement, when I measured my erect penis I found that the length has increased 1/2 inch to 4 3/4" and the girth has increased 1/4" to 3 3/4 . This was truly welcome news... One of the other things that I've noticed is that while an erection in the morning when I first wake up is normal for me, they have never been as big or as hard as what I getting now. It's like I'm a teenager again! Thanks for listening and caring. I'll write again when I have additional gains to report."
George H.

"I want to tell you that I didn't believe in your program but it is really effective..."
Juan C.

"You have a great program; it helped a lot."
Robert S.

"I have gone from 5-3/4" x 1-1/2" dia to 7-1/2" x 1-7/8" dia. Yah exercises work. My wife is staring at my dick more and more and I think she suspects something is different but then shakes her head. She will no doubt ask soon. Also my erections are of steel."

"First off, thank you so much for responding so quickly, I'm really glad to hear from you. I have only one more question to ask you before I 'master' your program... The results are great actually, I've been doing it seriously for the past month or so I'm almost 7" now with noticeable girth results, your program is the best thing that ever happened to me next to bodybuilding, I am 16 and i would like to give you my biggest thanks, I know this will help me in my years to come, God bless you, thanks again,"

"You guys might think I am crazy. But I have been using your program and invigorex at the same time. I have not experienced any side affects (on the negative side anyways). I have been doing the exercises for about 3 weeks now. I was about 7.75 inches long (I have never measured girth) when I started. I am now about 8.25 and am definitely thicker. I made love to my wife for over an hour and didnt feel like cumming. Then did it again the next morning (in what was supposed to be a quickie) and didnt cum. She did of course. I am very pleased so far. My goal is to get to 10 inches. I am excited to see what the next 3-6 weeks will bring. Also, my erections are so hard now. Whenever I am stroking my wife and I pull too far back, I dont have to grab my penis to push it back into her. I just point it there and thrust it in. This makes her extremely excited. Is it normal not to feel like cumming although I feel excited and very hard?. There are times when my wife thinks I am hard and I'm not because my penis is about 2 inches longer in the flaccid state now. I would guess it sits at around 6 inches flaccid. I am extremely pleased with your program. I have been married for 18 yrs and now I am happy to be bringing our love life to another level!! Thank you very much."
Todd G.

"Hi! i've done your 30-min workout so far (although only 3x) for a week and already I'm seeing some results. My erections are looking fuller and harder, my testicles hang a little lower, and I believe that I grew a little bit in length (have not measured initially-i will promise). Thank you for your help!"
Dan L.

"I have been on your program since April 2002. I am very very happy with the results so far. I have gone from 6 inches to 8 5/8 inches."
No Name Provided

I am 65 and in better than average health. I started your program one month ago. there has been no length gains yet but happy to report a circumference gain from 5-1/4" to 6-1/4"! and noticed that I can better control ejaculation and bring my erection to a soft state using the PC muscle."

"I have been on your program for about four weeks now. In the first week I went from 5.5 inches to 6.5 inches and about a half an inch in thickness."
Thank you,
Tim C.

"I have been doing the program for about 2 months now and I have gained a lot of girth results...I am about at 6 inches in girth. I started the program around 4 3/4 inches in girth. I have noticed that my length gains haven't been as great...I gained about 1 inch since I started...my length is at 6 inches exactly. What exercises and techniques should I do to gain the maximum results in length gains?...What should I focus on when doing the length exercises?"

Dear Massive Member:
"I just want to give you an update on my progress so far. I have been doing the 20 minute workout for a month now. To be completely honest with you, I did not really expect it to work. But I was completely wrong. I am totally and completely amazed at the results I have achieved thus far! When I started the program, my penis was exactly 6" in length, 4.5" in girth. After just a month of exercising, I am now 6.8" in length, and and 4.9" in girth!!! Some might think that is not much of an improvement, but when you consider that I have only been doing it for 4 weeks (in fact I missed 2 days of exercising last week) I think those results are pretty darn good!! I never thought that increasing my penis size was possible before!!! When I look at my penis now, I can't believe it's mine, because the look of it has changed so much in just a month! It's thicker, and veins are popping out everywhere! I never had that before, even in my teen years!!! I'll continue to update you on my progress. Thanks for a great program!!!"

"How long will i keep making gains on my penis size. In 3 weeks I gained a half an inch. Will this trend follow in the future to a certain extent or stop after and inch or so?"

"...By the way I'm growing everyday thanks for that, too that was the best 50 dollars I have given in my life."
Ali O.

"How much does smoking affect the results? I have to admit I was on the program for two months and since I didn't gain much I quit, but when I did I then noticed the difference. I had been smoking the whole time I did the exercises, might that really have an affect on results?"

"I have recently purchased your program and am superbly impressed. I'd like to know if I can promote your program like an affiliate and receive commissions ? Please advise"

"Your program really works, at first i didn't see any results and was gettin frustrated but then i started Thanks again."

"I have used your program for two months now I have saw steady gains in length going from 6.5" to 8" my girth has increased from 4.75 to 5.25."

"Boy! I had no idea. I've only been using your program for two weeks and I'm already beginning to see results! I wish I had known about this years ago. Thanks again."

"Hello, first of all I wish to thank you for this great program (I measured gains already!). This is my second week on your wonderful program."

"Have you guys ever tried the silicone based lubricants like I.D. Millenium compared to the water based lubes like Slippery Stuff or Astro glide? The Silicone base is supposed to be effective in water like the slippery stuff, but isn't supposed to dry like a water based, so it lasts longer. I find that I need to re-apply astro glide after a few minutes of working out as it must be evaporating. Also, for your records, week 12 measurements - Length, from 5" to 7". Girth, from 4" to 5". You guys rock..."

"I have been a member for 1 month now and have been doing your program for 1 month also. I have done the 30 minute workout for 4 weeks now, as well as the head enlargement exercises and the scrotum massages and enlargement exercises. My workouts take about 1 hour total to complete when all is said and done. I have gone from 5.25" to 6" hard, and my Girth has increased from 5" to 5.25". I have also gone from ejaculating during masturbation from about 1.5 minutes to over 10 minutes given that I follow a very tough PC workout given me greater control and hardness. Also as part of my testimony, I would like to advise that my scrotum sack is already hanging much lower and my cum appears to be more vibrant in whiteness and volume. It has been quite a project, but one that I am thoroughly felt gratified by, and I am sure that my virgin wife to be in 16 months will reap the benefits from when I stick 7" into her and ride that 38" chest and 28" waist from here to fiji on our honeymoon. Thanks for your website and all that you have thus far provided in my life. I am ready for a great next 6-12 months of hard work and giving my virgin wife to be all of the monogamous 7+ inches I am going to have by then. I just hope she can go the distance in the sack, because I am ready for some long rides through those 38" mountains with the silver bullet."

"I have been using your program for two full weeks now and so far every thing is going very well… my girth is growing very rapidly, is this normal, should i put more emphasis on the length exercises? i was pretty thick to begin with (7in round) so am i more predetermined to get girth than length?"

"I have gained 1.25" in 8 days and .75" in girth,is this too much too fast?"

"I've been on the program for 5 weeks and have noticed about a 1 1/2" gain while flaccid and about a 3/4" inch gain while erect. My girth has also increased significantly. Is this 2:1 flaccid to erect gain normal?"

"I have been using a pump for a while now. It is finally great to get a system that works naturally!! I was getting swelling after a pumping session, so I stopped. I have a question. After only 2 days of working the program, I noticed that last night my wife asked me if I was bigger and what was I doing. Thanks A lot"

"I read you web page and decided to sign up with Massive Member and in less than 10 days I had gained a 1/2 inch in length and it seemed to be a little wider and harder. Very surprised, and I'm not even doing it exactly like they say. Sometimes I miss a day here or there. In any case thanks."

"Just a quick note to say that the measurements I took on Saturday revealed that I've gained another 1/4" in length. I'm now slightly over 5" and I feel great about it! My penis is looking bigger and healthier every day and I can only imagine how good it will look when I finally reach my goals. Thanks for all your encouragement."

"I've been using your exercises for a few days now, and they feel great!"

"I joined your program about a month ago and I just did a short exercise every day. I just wanted you to know that since i started i've gained 3/4 of an inch in length. I can't believe how great this has worked. And even with short workouts every day. I had tried (another program) before this and was doing it an hour each day and still not getting any results. I can't tell you how impressed I am with my gains and your web site. I just thought that I'd tell you that if it weren't for you site, this would have never happened. Thanks!"

"Hi, I am a memeber of your website, however, I do not remember my password. I saved my password on my computer, but with all the changes to my computer, the password was lost. I became a member a few years ago and the results are wonderful. Thank you."
P. Everhart

"I have been on the program for about one month, doing the 30 minute workout 5 days a week. I have had great increases in girth but not as much yet in length. Do you have any suggestions on what I can do to see a change. PS. GREAT PROGRAM. I WISH I HAD FOUND IT SOONER."

"I've been on your program since June and its working very well for me, I continue to see results. THANKS you have a great program, it really works"

"hey, this is nathan Exxxxxxxx and I thought that I'd voice my opinion. First of all, I LOVE your program and it really is working and I can feel it working. I'm so glad someone came along with a program that is really designed for results and quality, not just long lengths of time doing the same exercise. Keep up the good work. Thanx alot"
Nathan E.

"Just wanted you to know that i have been using your program for 3 weeks and my wife is already accusing me of having a secret viagra stash. Also, being in the below normal category i have found that instead of using the hand as shown in your pictures, reverse the hand so that the base of the hand points away from the body greatly eases the ability to do the exercises."

"Hi from Barcelona Spain!!
Incredible!! Just two days or two sessions, I repeat, 2 DAYS and my wife said: "... your penis is looking bigger...", we had sex drive and we have never seen my penis like this, my erections are incredible. She thinks I'm always a little bit excited because my penis is now normally 12cm (sorry, I don't know it in inches) when not erected, before I started with the 20 minutes program it was between 5 and 7cm long when not erected. I want wait a few weeks before I mess the length in erection, but my wife said today she wants to mess it right now. I repeat 2 DAYS doing the exercises!!! Thanks a lot!! I'll tell you more and sorry about my english!"

"Tom: I want to thank you for the extra inch or so today on my 72nd birthday, since starting your program in February (5.75 to 6.875). It looks like you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!"
Dave F.

"Holy shit!
Those aren't my words, but they are my wife's, after I came back from nearly a month away on business and got her in bed. I had been doing the exercises the entire time I was away, and for about a month before leaving, during which time we hadn't had a chance to make love. So what she felt as I entered her was 8 weeks of intense workouts; workouts that took me from a respectable 6.5 long, 1.7 wide, 5.5 circumference, to a massive 8.75 long, 2.5 wide, 6.75 circumference. She had never complained about my cock size before, and our sex life was already good, but I knew it could be better. Thanks to MASSIVE MEMBER it is. Although she always told me that my cock was perfect and she would be afraid to take a guy that was any bigger, a few months ago I discovered a huge dildo in her bedside drawer: a 9 inch, thick, realistic looking dong. At first it made me jealous, but then it made me hot thinking about her plunging that big thing in her snatch. It was then and there that I decided to do something to make myself bigger...to satisfy her the way that toy was. The thought of surprising her with a new cock consumed me for weeks as I saw my own rod getting bigger and thicker. Once I got home I wanted to fuck right away and so did she. She had no idea that I had found her dildo before, of course, so I blindfolded her and told her that I had a big surprise for her. After I got her legs spread apart I pulled the dildo out of the drawer without her knowing it, and put the massive head up against her slit. Immediately I could tell that she knew what was happening. I had found her out, and she started to blush while I slid the length of the dong up her tight hole. Then I pulled it out and asked her, "Is that what you like: a really big cock like that--bigger than me?" Naturally she said no and said she loved my dick...it was at that point that I said, "well then you're really going to like this," and told her to hold the dildo while I fucked her. As I placed the head at her opening, she gasped, thinking that I had another dildo and was teasing her. Then I said, "you wanted big, well here it comes," and shoved the whole damn thing in at once. She screamed louder than I had ever heard, as I slammed against her cervix, unable to fit the whole thing in her. She ripped the blindfold off and looked down at my new and improved fuck stick as it split her pussy lips, and I noticed how her mouth was literally watering and her eyes got really wide with delight. Once I started pumping, she started saying things like "fuck me with that big hard cock," "rip me open baby," and other nasty things that I had never heard come out of her mouth before. Now she wants to fuck all the time, or just give me blow jobs. We had some friends over recently and went swimming. She insisted at one point that we skinny-dip, just so she could "show me off" to her girlfriends. Naturally, I obliged. Since my flaccid penis is now 7 inches long, and about 6 around, it definitely got the attention of everyone at the party. I caught her girlfriends looking at it on a number of occasions, and once they had left, my wife told me that they had commented to her about how lucky she was to have such a hung husband. One even said that if it was ever too much for her, that she (the friend) would be willing to take me off her hands for a few hours. Just knowing how hot it made her friends sent her into a sexual frenzy and we fucked all night long. She even set up a camera and insisted we tape our sexual adventures. All I can say is thanks...this has changed my life, and my wife thanks you even more., If you'd ever like pictures let us know...and my wife will be mailing you soon to add her thanks."
Tim in Tennessee
(note: This may sound like an erotic story, but we really did receive it and it appears to be legit)

"Thought i should let you know that your 30 minute daily excersise plan has produced great results.When i started i was 7 3/8" and have now grown to 8 1/2" in about four months. But what is really pleasing for my partner is the increase that the girth excercises have produced. my girth is now 6" with the rim of my head nearly 6 3/4" and my cock has a strong veined appearance even when flacid. My partner can't wait to show me off on the naturist beaches this summer! Thank you Massivemember."
John - from the UK

"Hi, I have been on your program going on three weeks. I have a question about the veins in my penis. There are two veins one one each side that are getting very pronounced. Is that normal? Should I take more than two days off it a week? Other than that it seems to be working very well. I have seen a gain of exactly half an inch in length. Thanks in advance!"

"The girth exercises are producing amazing results, a 1/4 inch increase in 3 weeks..."

"Thanks for your quick response. Your site is very professionally done and after reading your reply, I feel very comfortable. I chose the program because it did not have all of the banners and hype and the information presented seemed believable. Now, I'm glad I did."
Thanks again,

"A very satisfied customer to date with your program."

"hi i am doing the scrotum enlargement excersise along with the twenty minute workout i was wondering if i had to do the scrotum excersise in increments of five days a week like the twenty minute workout. by the way this is going on my second week and i have already seen a 1/4 of an inch increase in length thanks"
sincerely mike

"I am a member and I am begining to see results. I started March 11, 2002 and when I am doing my exercises I measure myself. I am 1 inch longer than I was when I first started. But when I wake up in the mourning, my natural erections are only 1/2 inch longer than when I started. Is this normal? Why is my natural mourning erection not as long as when I workout? Will my natural erection continue to grow as well? Please respond-"
William O.

David S.

"...by the way, brilliant program! Your site is like a breath of fresh air after sifting through the chaos of internet crap- it's so organized and efficient, and the best part is.. your product WORKS! I mean, it really, REALLY works.. Congratulations to whoever master-minded this whole thing- God made you gifted, and you used your powers to give us invincible penises, and for that I salute you."

"Hey, I've been using the techniques for 5 days. And i gotta say ok I'm seeing a difference already..."

"Hi there, I've subscribed your membership this February I believed. Anyway, I've gained about 5/8 of an inch..."

"Hey massive member people!
I just wanted to say that I have reached a 7.3" now and my penis is as thick around as a tree trunk. Seriously people, my fiancee cannot fit my penis in her mouth for oral sex. Maybe you guys need to include a mouth enlargement process with the penis enlargement process in the member's area LOL. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me bigger and more confident in myself. I use to take longitude before I started your program and I didn't get ANY results so I was a bit skeptical before trying your program and I wont lie at all, it took me a little while to start achieving results, but then LO AND BEHOLD! I'M NOW AS THICK AS A TREE AND GETTING BIGGER NOW MORE THAN EVER. I am also taking invigorex, an enlargement pill, with your program and it is helping my progress BIG TIME. I suggest you guys review that pill and put it on your website so people can combine it with your very effective exercises. Concluding, I would like to tell all you people out there who don't think this works that YOU ARE SO WRONG! THIS EXERCISE REALLY REALLY WORKS! IF YOU COMBINE THIS EXERCISE WITH THE RIGHT KINDS OF SUPPLEMENTS, YOU WILL NOT BE LET DOWN. THIS $50 WILL BE THE BEST INVESTMENT YOU EVER MADE FOR YOUR BODY! ITS LIKE OWNING A BOWFLEX FOR YOUR PENIS! LITERALLY!!!! do yourself a favor guys, you wont regret it. Do your manhood and your self confidence a favor. I actually grew from a 5.5" to a 7.3" in around 10 months. THANK YOU GUYS ONCE AGAIN"

"I am a member, and I love these workouts. I look forward to them every day. Thanks for a bigger penis in just a week."
Thank you again,

I've been on your program since 08/2004 and have noticed great improvements to the proportions of my pinus Based on your client information what improvements am I to expect over the continuing months, I know that there are many factors involved but I would like an approximate and also I am considering invigorex."

Marty F.

"Dear massivemember,
I completed your program at the end of last september, after 4 months of workouts. Went from 7" to 8 1/8" and girth from 6" to 6 1/4".
O. Woodbury

Ryan S.

"I have been using the program since late October and have seen about a half inch-3/4 inch gain in length and 1/4 inch in girth..."

"Hi I did your 30 min program for 8 weeks 5 days a week. After the first 3 weeks I got half an inch for the other 5 I got less than a quarter. Could it be that I need to step down to the 20-minute workout? Is there any way I can maximize my workout without supplements? What do you think is the cause of the inconsistency of my results? Thank you."

"...thank you in advance for your prompt reply and excellent program. I feel that my penis has grown in length about ½ inch after about 3 weeks on the program and it seems to hang heavier as well. I also think that I had my greatest results after using the Ultimate Cock Ring which you recommended. Thanks a million!"
Brian C.

"I start using the techniques in your manual about 2 weeks ago and my penis already grow larger. My partner took notice before I did. I thank you so much for making these techniques available to me."

"I can't thank you guys enough. Since starting your program 5 months ago, I have gained almost 3 inches!!!!! I used to be about 5 1/2 inches long and now I'm almost 8 3/4. My girlfriend says it's time to stop the exercises 'cause she can't handle it anymore (he he). My control is so much better now that I can have an erection any time I want and I can go as long as I want. That is not something I could say before. Your program is incredible, keep up the good work."

Hey Massive,
"Just wanted to let you know that this has been the best 50 bucks I ever spent! This thing has totally changed my life man! You guys are awesome!"

"I truly appreciate the speed and professionalism with which my request to resign was handled. Some places kinda jerk you around and try to avoid refunding a customers purchase. I half expected the process to drag out for days/weeks. Its comforting to know that there are businesses that hold to their promises. Anyone simply considering the program should have no reservations about at least giving this a chance. Unfortunately it didn't work out for me because I was unable to follow the program properly. Though after reviewing it I think that it is a good program. It just might've worked if I could use two hands. Someone considering the purchase has absolutely nothing to lose. If it works they will have a bigger dick. And if it doesn't work for them then they didn't lose anything either. They may be the same size, but it's at least a bit healthier."

"I have been on your programme for approximately 30 days and have experienced quite a bit of growth already. I was very skeptical initially but am now extremely pleased with the results. Keep up the good work, chaps!"

"I want to thank you for making me into a stud with more confidence and a better understanding of who I am. Years ago I had an operation in which my doctor advised he had doubled the size of my Corpus Cavernosum to improve blood flow into the penis. But he did not explain what I had to do to enlarge my member. After reading about your site and your program I began to learn that I had to do some excercises on my own to increase my size. I was especially interested to increase my girth. It took three years but now I'm a stud. I have been enjoying sex, sometimes as much as three times a day. My partner has enjoyed a bigger me up to yesterday when my size caused a problem. We had sex that lasted for over one hour and my member became a weapon. I had expanded to well over 3 1/2" in dia and was up to 9" in length. A purple monster. The next morning my partner complained she was very sore and noticed some bleeding. On the advice of our family doctor we went to the hospital. The doctor that examined my partner. He asked my partner my size when erect. She at first answered, 'a horse'. He had a sence of humor and laughed, but asked my partner to give him my size in inches. The night before we had laughed of my size and my partner took my measurements. Apparently I had caused minor tares to the vagina walls and a slight infection. Nothing serious, but the Doctor suggested shorter intercouse times and rein in that horse of yours. Your course works, but I will have to refrain from inter course until my partner recovers. It's all in moderation, I guess! No name please"

"I am 39 years old ,5'11 , 150 lb. in good shape. I have been on your program for about 6 weeks. In the first four weeks I grew about a half inch. The next two weeks have been less maybe just a quarter inch. Is this all I will grow? I am doing the 30 minute workout 5 times a week."

"Hello guys , i have been using your program for about 4 months now and my penis has gone from 3 1/2 inches erect to now a whole 5 inches!!. thank you soo much now i have confidence to show my penis to a woman!!!"

"Hi: I am a member of the program and i am greatly satisfied. I have two questions. First, How much time i have to wait to have sex and have an ejaculation before and after the exercise? I know that in the manual it say two hours before and three hours later. But it say at least. I want to know the exact amount of time. Also how much do you guys think that the penis will enlarge in length after a year of using the program and doing the exercises correctly? I know that it depends but what do you guys think. I have 3.5 Inches in the flaccid state and 6 inches erect. Thanks again and keep the good work, i am greatly in debt to you guys for my new life. Thanks again."

"thanks for everything and i want to tell u that is only my 2nd week and im already seen results on the falccid state i appear more thicker than before."
D Marco

"Does your penis enlargement program also help with premature ejaculation? In any case, sounds like a great product and it has been recommended to me by my physician in TN."

 Hi Massive...I once had a membership back a couple of years ago and lost access to a computer until now...can you verify my membership please and send any new link with my username and password info to my new email addy listed above ...Thanks for the help so far...massive growth in the last two years for me from 5-1/2" erect length to 8-3/8"...girth has shown its improvement as well from 4-1/2" erect girth to 6-1/4" erect girth...she cums so hard now i need to let her have breaks or she passes out Thanks for the help folks..."
Paul C.

"Just wanted to say what a great program this is! Progress report: After only 9 days I've gained almost 1/4 of an inch in length already. I've went from 5 3/4 to 6". Thanks for the program. Can't wait to see how much more I gain. Thanks."
Brian B.

"Hi, I am in the middle of my seventh week of your program. I have increased in length from 6 inches to 7.25 inches as of today. I am very happy with the results so far and look forward to the future. I do have a couple of questions. Will this rate continue for the next 4 to 5 months? The FAQ’s on the web site state Your cell tissue can only expand within a certain range. You will see the most substantial growth within your first 6 - 9 months of the program (although some members may need to wait a few months longer to see their biggest gains). Do you have information on the percentage of members that increase 4 inches, 3 inches, 2 inches, etc? I have not seen much change in my flaccid state. Is this normal? Sorry for so many questions, but I am excited about what I can expect, and I know each person is different. Thanks in advance from a very satisfied customer"
No name given

"Dear MassiveMember:
Thanks! This program really does work. I was very skeptical at first, and nearly gave up after the initial two weeks, before I was able to 'master' the exersizes. Now I have gained nearly 1/2 inch length with erection, and nearly 1/4 inch in length when flaccid, along with a slight increase in girth, as well. These are real measureable results, maybe not huge increases, but definately noticable, also with more firmness in my erections. Erections are also more frequent, with longer durations, on average. Thanks again for this excellent program,"

"my question to you is: in your experience, what seems to be the limiting factor in how much growth can be attained? by the way. it does take some getting used to having so much more hanging. i have trouble even sleeping on my stomach now, but i love it! thanks"
John W.

"I have been using the program for 4 months now, and I am completely amazed at the results I have attained so far! I purchased the program at the end of Nov. 2001, but didn't start to use it until Feb. 2002. I was very skeptical at first, even after using the program for a month and half---thinking that I would not have any "significant results". I was so wrong! When I began the program, my penis was 6" in length, 4.5" girth. I recently took a measurement, and to my complete amazement, I am now 7.25" in length, and 5" girth!! I still have a hard time believing that those simple exercises have made that much of a difference in just 4 short months!!! And there have been days when I didn't perform the exercises at all---and I even missed a couple of weeks altogether!! Thanks for creating a great program! I never would have believed it worked until I tried it myself. My goal is to reach 8", and the way things are going, I should be there very soon!"
Tommy H.

"I have been on your program about a month. I'm very happy with the progress I am making. My ejaculatory control is much better as well."

"Your site is terrific - I can't believe how much a bigger penis has changed my life. I have more confidence, I've started working out (not just my penis!), and I'm meeting women for the first time. Just knowing that I have the goods to satisfy any woman gives me the boost I need to ask them out. Your exercises were just what I was looking for - I still can't believe what a difference a few months has made! Over the last 10 years or so I tried herbal pills, pumps and weights but all I did was waste my money. Now that I know how crazy that was, I thank God I didn't do any permanent damage!! THANK YOU!!!"

"First of all I just want to say thanks. Your program has helped me gain 1" in length in just 3 short weeks. I wanted to ask if frequently having sex or masturbating often is damaging to results. Thanks again."
Carl R.

Hi Massive
"I wish I knew about this program when I was younger, I could have avoided years of feeling inadequate growing up. All through my teenage years I was so ashamed of my size. I know that my lack of confidence has effected my life a lot. Two years ago my ex-girlfriend dumped me because she said I couldn't give her what she needed sexually. I have half a mind to give her a call, show her the time of her life with my 8" cock and then dump her ass!! Thanks for changing my life!"

"I have been using your program for about 10-11 weeks now. The first six weeks I gained about 1 1/2 inches. Now I seem to be stuck there. Will I start to gain again, or is that the end of it. I started a 6" and am around 7 1/2 now. Thanks for any inf. you can give me."

"I must begin with saying WOW I always felt I had a pretty large penis 7.5. But I always wondered if I could get larger, I stumbled with your sight by accident and I'm glad I did, I've been doing the the exercises for about 2 months and I have gained about an inch 8.5, I have not done the other exercises cause I'm already too thick 6.5. You have made a believer out of me I'm going to try for 10" that has always been the magical number, Thank you."

"I have a question but first want to say that I've completed three weeks and have seen good results. I've gone from 4.75" girth to 5" and from 6" length to 6.5"... Great program by the way! Thanks." Chris

"Dear MassiveMember,
Thought I would give you an update on progress. My partner has finally decided i'm big enough for her now! We are both very satisfied with the results. I started off pretty big at 7 3/4" and am now 9" long and 7" thick with a huge head of 7 1/2" which my girlfriend especially enjoys. The girth exercises really do produce a strong veined appearance both flaccid and erect. The PC exercises are important too and mean our love making lasts much longer and my ejaculations are more powerful. My partner is so pleased with the results she's suggesting we get back into swinging for a while. I think she just wants to show me off and share me around!"
J.M. United Kingdom

"I just bought this program about 3 weeks ago. ANY ONE READING THIS PAGE BELIEVING THAT THIS DOSEN'T WORK: LISTEN UP RIGHT NOW. After just TWO SESSIONS, I noticed that my penis felt thicker. I set a goal, which was to just push 6 inches. Within these first two weeks, I've gained 1/4 of an inch, and my orgasms are mind-blowing. You can really trust these guys."

"hey dave, just wanted to let u guys at mm that i am now a little over 5 inches- starting at 4 inches. i had to be patient but i have seen a lot of growth in length in the past 2 months. i am now closer to becoming average and it is thanks to your program. i still feel small but i know now with my results even if takes me a year i know its possible to grow. also if you add this to the testemonials please don't use my name thanks."

"The exercises have been awesome, I believe I'm starting to see gains in two short weeks."

"my MassiveMember success story:
I have always been small, around 5"x4". It was always a problem for me, wondering if the girl would accept this. Well, I have been doing the program for only a few weeks, and the results are amazing! I am now 5 3/4"x4.5". I am a believer now, and want to get to 7". That's my goal,thankyou very much."

"i have been using your program for three weeks now. i know it is still a bit early. my penis looks thicker and longer, but i dont know how bigger ive gotten because i forgot to measure before i started this. anyway, i know its working and i like the veins showing in my penis. thanks is all i wanna say."

"hey guys i switched my pc around and forgot my login info, could you please send it to the above email addy.your system really works also,,,my woman couldnt believe it. thanks again"

"just wanted to write to give a progress report and ask a quick question. the last time i wrote i was at 7 1/2 erect, up from 6 1/4 starting. i mentioned that my wife loved the increase, and that i was going to see just how much she could handle. well, i'm now at 8, and she can no longer take the whole thing in her mouth, but she is going nuts when i mount her. as i enter her, she lets out a gasp and a long moan. she seems to be willing to take more. i've set a new goal of 9 unless she says enough. i wake up in the middle of the night most nights with a very hard erection, and she has given me explicit instructions to wake her no matter what time it is. she loves it and is more willing the bigger it gets. my question is, what is the limiting factor in how big i can get? so far the growth has been slow but steady, having been at it for about 6 months, i think, gaining almost 2 + inches and am now 6 in girth. if a 3 gain is attainable, i can achieve my goal, as long as she doesn't say enough! thanks a million, i'll keep you posted."
V. Weber

"I have been on your program for a little over 2 weeks and can see measurable improvements...THANKS. However, have you thought about putting out a 'Workout' video/DVD? I find it somewhat distracting to read the instructions, maintain my rhythm, be sure I'm doing the correct stroke and keep an eye on the clock all at the same time. A video/DVD with all the exercises techniques, 3 workout programs and customized workouts would be great to follow along. Plus I think it would sell very well. Just a thought!"
Sammy S.
NOTE: Thanks for the suggestion, Sammy. We are looking into this and we'll let all of our members know when it is available.

"I subscribed to your site a year ago my e-mail by then was xxxxx. Since I didn't check my e-mail for months my account was cancelled and I had my password there and in a paper in my house. I have been doing what I remember of the exercises, and let me tell you it has been a blessing, girls keep saying its so huge! But I want to do other exercises I forgot and I desperately need that password so I can enter the site again. Thanks for your time and God bless you guys."

"I have been a mmeber for about a month and a half and am pleased with your program. good job"

"Love your program, + 3/4 & 1/4 in 3 months!!!!!!!! Great support!! THANKS"

"Hi...I started your program at the beginning of the year, 5.75 to now over 7! Great gains so far. The goal is to break 8. I am feeling a lot more during sex. I took two bottles of Invigorex. I think this helped me. Do you think I need to keep taking the Invigorex? Do you have any new info about it? Before I took it, I was stuck at about 6.5". I still can't believe your program works! I will probably keep this up for life."

"i've been doing your program for 2 months. before i started i was 6 1/4 in length and my girth was 4 3/4 i am now 7 1/2 in length and 5 3/8 in girth i don't do them as often as you say i go 2 days without doing them frequently i could only imagine what it would be if i did them to the program. i thank you and my wife thanks you! you have a great program here"
Josh S.

"I am sure my results are abnormal. But I have used this web-site for less then a week (about 5 days now), and my flaccid length has gone from not much more then a head to about 3/4 an inch in length. Which must be remarkable. I am impressed. Thanks, I will pass on the good word. Thanks again."
Jon H.

"Hey! Thank you for your quick reply... Well anyway i just wanted to say thank you for the suggestions... i've changed lubricants and am now using ManSlide and already the irritation from the other lube has subsided so it's all good! Now everything is going great and i can already see girth difference after only 1 1/2 weeks! Your program is fantastic and your customer care is splendid... Thank you!"

"i've been very happy with the results but have lost my login info. would you please fwd it to me."

"Hello once again MM team. Just wanted wanted to say that I am on my fourth week and am impressed with this program. I have already gained 1/4 inches in my flacid and erect measurements lengthwise and girth. I am not going to give away my measurements until I have gone 3 months on the 30 minute plan. I have always been a pretty healthy guy but since I started doing the excercises,I feel better than I have felt in a long time. Eating right and taking the right vitamins dosen't hurt either. I love how I hang more, and the sensations are incredible thanx to the pc excercises. I just wanted to know If I could alter the program a tad bit. I want to continue doing the lengthening excercise for 5 minutes and take the ultimate jelq up to ten and finish with 6 minutes of girth. Is this Ok? Please get back to me when you can. ONce again I appreciate you guys service. Have a nice night."

"I have to say that after a week my penis has a bigger girth and I grew from 8 inches erect to 8.5."
DeVaughn E.

"I've been doing the program for probably 5 weeks and have notice my erections have gotten harder and more veiny. The veins have gotten larger as well. Length and girth hasn't really been a focus. Im already pretty good in that dept. but may practice once ive gained length. So far im just going to keep the faith hopefully it follow through."

"Hi I am a new member to your program. And so far everything is goign great, and I am very satisfied with everything! This is way better than I expected."

"I have been looking at different ways to enlarge my penis. nothing ever seemed real until i found this site. i read how it works and i knew that it is true because i've done something like this before. i am uncut, so i have to pull back my foreskin for sex. well, last year, my foreskin was so small that i couldn't pull it back without intense pain. i looked that up online and everyone said it needs surgery. i dont like the thought of someone cutting me down there so i did my own treatment from the foreskin restoration exercises in your site. within weeks i could pull it back no problem and without any pain. i kept on doing that for a little longer and now i haven't done it for months and its fine. this way i knew that the penis can also be stretched to become longer and thicker. so i started with that part. i was about 7 inches long and i'm not sure how thick. it has been about 4 weeks and i'm now a good 7.5 inches and my hand can't wrap around my penis as much as it used to. this is the best and probably only program out there. just think about it. you stretch anything and it becomes bigger. you stretch your muscules and they become bigger. people guage their ears and stretch them, and they become bigger. and the same works for the penis."
Dan, TX

"Wow you guys really are great. I am physician and am very impressed with the research, thoroughness and service you provide. I wish bigger and better things for all of you!"
E C Middleton, MD

"I have been using your program for 3 months now and I have seen like a full inch gain in my member. THank you."

"I have been using your program for 4 days and today is my rest day so I haven't done any exercises. I did measure myself though, and my penis has grown 1 inch in 3 days!!! I cant believe it, I went from 6 1/4 to 7 1/4. I could tell after just the first day that my penis liked it. It was hanging down farther and looked thicker, it was like it had been needing to be worked out like that for a while. I am 19 and have never had sex, but I am very excited to think that my future wife who ever she is will get lots of enjoyment out of our sex life and that I will really be able to satisfy her. Thanks."

"Thank you Mike! I have seen my length increase 3/4" in about 2 1/2 weeks. I went from about 5" to almost 6" I feel much more confident its amazing. I hope it keeps up... I am looking to reach 7" and touch my wife in places she has never been touched :) We have been married almost 15 years and she has no idea that I am using this progam. Although she asked me (during the last intercorse) boy you are really into this its so hard... :) I cant wait to reach my goal. I have ordered the Manslide & Ultimate Cock Ring to assist in the growth process. Thanks again"
Cliff - Davenport FL

"Been on your program for almost two months now, and the results are great. I've noticed a big difference, haha, and my wife takes a breath now when I enter. Don't want to get to big for her so that she turns away from the great loving we have now. just make it better. thanks. girth made the difference rather than length for now. great program."

"Is it ok to use a pump before and after exercise? What about a hot tub in place of a hot towel after exercise? I have gained 1 inch in length (7)and 1/2 inch in girth(5 3/4) in 10 weeks!! Oh, cardio 5 days a week I think helps also. Thanks a million"
No Name Provided

"hi my name is terish and iam from dubai. iam doing ur programme for 2 months.i can see significant difference by this time.very pleased with this."

"Everything is just great with the program."

"Hi, I'm a new member and I just wanted to tell you this is the best program I've ever seen. My question is for excersises that call for your hand making a ring at the base could I just use a cockring instead? The reason I ask is becouse I chosen the 30 minute workout and it would be a little easier to just hold it in place. What ever you recommend I'll will do. Thank you.. I am very excited."

"Thanks for your site I gained a inch!"

"Hi there, I have been adhering to the 30 min ultimate workout since beginning Sept 05. I have definatly gained a stronger penis, harder erections good girth gains, and very good length gain of approx 1 inch. I have grown from 5.5 ins erect to 6.5 ins with flaccid girth 5.75 ins. I work out Mon to Fri and rest Sat and Sun. I have also been taking Invigorex during this period. I was sexually dormant for the previous 6 years. I want more length especialy. Is there anything you can suggest to assist with faster length gains. Many thanks"

"Hey you guys, I really like your program. It is very well-organized and after just 2 workouts, I'm already looking fuller and hanging a little lower. It's too amazing for words... Thank you."

"To whom it may concern, Before I ask you my question, I must give a shout out to the guy whose website taught me, as well as showed me how to get to your website in the first place. His name is Greg at http://www.penis-enlargement-secrets.com. Stumbling upon his website was one of the best things that has happened to me in awhile. And of course, enrolling as a member of your exercise program is also one of the best things that has happened to me in awhile as well. In fact, I have been exercising for two months now and am find myself missing it on the days of rest! Thanks again."

"I am soo amazed at this program that I cannot begin to find the words to say how exited I am about it. The result alone are so phenomenal that I cannot believe that not only have I gained 1/2" in length but my erection is rock-hard. I still have a long ways to go but I can only say that if anyone doubt that this program work, believe me when I tell you it does! The thing that is so remarkable is the scientific research that has went into this program. I am a weight lifter (not professional, but very advanced) and the workout/rest/recouperation facet of you program is right on the money. In weightlifting, it is the same thing, your biggest gains come, not while lifting but with proper rest and recouperation. I truly believe that an 8-9" phallus is not out of reach, considering that most advanced weightlifting worry about having a small penis (only because of the muscle/member proportion. The warm up is very important (in this case, with a hot towel) just like lifting because it does promote better blood circulation and after keeps the blood flowing and prevents shrinking or cramping. I cannot wait to see what I look like when I reach the 12-24 week range (and by then I probably will start taking the supplement that you recommended). Girls are not only going to flip when they see these improvements but be very thankful that I took the time to do it. Thanks soo much and keep up the good work."

Customer Service Testimonials

"Thank you very much for your detailed and helpful reply."
Best wishes,

"Thank You for exellent service! Sending money via regular mail was a little risky, but it seems like it was worth it. As I thought,You are real professionals, so I got my password sooner than I expected. Last night I took a look at Your site, and it is really well organized, and easy-to-understand, so I guess everything's up to me now. This is just an email to tell You that I'm nice suprised, so You don't have to answer it. Anyway,I sincerely hope You will answer my possible answers about the program, and I will inform You regularly about my progress...:) Big hello to Mike,and all the guys there,"
P. Radivojevic

"Hi, Thank you very much for your prompt attention to my request. You people are the BEST."

"Hey I e-mailed you guys a few days ago, and your reply was so prompt i was shocked. Thank you. I have a question for you. Are pills just a joke, or do any of them work? If they do work, do you recommend using them while on your program, or will just your program be sufficient? Thanks again for a speedy reply."

"Mike, Thanks for you very honest answer. You seem to be a very quality company and I would think most companies would say 'Oh yes we can help any one with any kind of problem.' I will be contacting you with an order with in the next 2-3 weeks. Thanks, I am impressed so far."
Ron C.

"Thanks Dave. That was a quick response."

"Thank you very much again for your quick and detailed responses. I can't tell you how much I appreciate being able to consult with you about these matters!"

"By the way, so far your company has been 100 percent helpful, friendly, and quick to respond. I'm very happy with my choice."

"Thanks for the quick reply, and don't worry about the problem. You were most helpful, and your customer service is outstanding. Once again, thanks."

"that was really insightful and i fully appreciate your response. it will only help me feel more driven to succeed. thanks, you dont know how much your program has helped me in more ways than one."

"Thanks for all your helpful answers. I just signed up a few minutes agon. I'm looking forward to making an important change in my life. Thanks again."

"Mike-thank you for your help. Massive Member is a class act."

"Thank you David for such an amazingly quick response!"

"Hi support team, just like to thanks you for your quick reply."
Thanks again

"Mike- Thanks for all your answers and your unbelievably quick responses... much appreciated!"

"Wow, that was fast! I just wrote to you like 5 minutes ago. Thanks for getting back to me so quick."

"Thank you very much your expertise helped me very much."

"A fast, friendly reply and excellent answers to all of my questions. Because of your professional response to my concerns, I am placing my order for your program right now. Good customer service means a lot to me and it's nice to know there are real people behind this site. I place my order with confidence - thank you and I look forward to beginning the program."

"hey thanks alot man, your customer service is OUTSTANDING"

"they told me that the customer service was great but this is more than great. thank you again."
Costas Z.

"Thanks David, I appreciate your expedient response… Thanks again David!"

"Hey thanks so much guys, this was a very thourough and helpful message and I appreciate the quick and prompt reply. I look forward to making gains using your program, and yes you have answered my only real doubts about it with very logical arguements. Thanks again"

"Thank you Mike for your fast reply. If the results of your product is equally fast you will get a terrific testimonial!"
Stan P.

"Thanks for the fast answer. You have an ability to see the unasked question to the crux of the matter. Thanks Don"

"I must say that this is the BEST SERVICE I have ever received from any online merchant - ever! You guys should get an award or something! I'm VERY impressed!!!"

"Thanks for your prompt response - XXXXX should take a leaf from your book."

"I just wanted to write and say that your consultant Joe was extremely helpful in answering all of my questions. It was obvious to me that he knew what he was talking about and I am pleased with his answers. Please pass this on to Joe and his supervisor and let them know what a good job he did. Thank you."


"Thank you very much for your BLAZING fast response. I am quite sure once I start using your service that I'll end up liking your company even more. Thanks again Mike for your help."
Best Regards,

"Thanks for your quick response. Your product is amazing."

"I appreciate your response and will be getting back in touch with your company upon my return from vacation. You offered more than an adequate response to my questions, compared to other 'customer support' responses and for me, that means a lot. Looking forward to starting the program..."

"Thank you for your prompt response. You aren't the first website I contacted about this, but you are the first to actually reply on my question. I think I'll try you guys out to see what could happen. As they say in those diet commercials, 'you've got nothing to lose, but the weight' Hopefully I won't lose anything ;)"

"Hi, nice work guys."

"Thank you for the help, you guys are great. Great customer service keep up the good work."

"Thank you for quick response A+ service!!" Joe A.

"WOW!! Thank you so much!! That was VERY QUICK!! We're talkin 5-8 minutes, please put me in your testimonial for your great customer service. Thanks again."

"Hi, i'm so exited to hear from you. your customer support is fantastic, i really got the answers i wanted. keep up with the same good work, i'm looking forward to getting started. which i'll do very soon. take care!!!!!!!"
M. Nshipa

"Thanks for your rapid response."

"thnk you, Your service is great, and extremely fast. No one can compete with you guys."

"Without question, the best customer service I've EVER experienced online!"
Carl P.

Dear Massivemember,
"Thank you for your fast and complete answer to my questions and more."

"You guys are great, thanks for such a timely respond."
No Name Provided

"Dear Sir I am amazed at the fact that your team is helpful and professional that in few hours I have received reply from you. And my tension has released just because of your help. Thanks"

"Thank you for your good customer care. Please maintain the spirit"

"I must say that this is the BEST SERVICE I have ever received from any online merchant - ever! You guys should get an award or something! I'm VERY impressed!"
Tam T.

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