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How to Send Payment through
Western Union or MoneyGram

Sending payment through Western Union or MoneyGram is safe and easy. Just follow the simple steps listed below...

Step # 1 - Visit a Western Union or MoneyGram office near you and send payment.

When sending payment, you will need the following info:

Name and Address to send payment to:

Barbara Haines
P.O. Box 50
Hanover, Pennsylvania 17331

Amount to send:

$64.99 (for online access + a hardcopy mailed to you)

Step # 2 - Email us with your information.

In order to pick up your Western Union payment, we will need to the following information from you:

  1. Your Western Union Money Transfer Number (MTCN) or MoneyGram Transfer Number. For Western Union, this is usually a 10 digit number which Western Union will give to you once the payment is completed. MoneyGram will provide you with a transfer number as well.

  2. The exact dollar amount sent.

  3. Your full name and shipping address. Make sure that the name you give us matches the name used to send the Western Union or MoneyGram payment to us.

  4. Provide this id name/number:      (if space is blank, tell us it is blank)

That's it!

Simply email this info to us at
Once we pick up your payment,we will email you access for our site and mail you the hardcopy. Please make sure you have given us your complete mailing address.


Here's what a few of our members recently had to say...

"In case you guys keep track, I've completed my first month on your program. I gained 1" in length (from 5" to 6") and 5/8" in girth (from 4" to 4 5/8"). Is this considered average or normal? I'm very pleased, to say the least... If I maintain this pace, I'll hit my goal in only three months... Thanks for the excellent program!"

"Hey Massive, I want to write and say I am well pleased with the results so far. I have been doing the program only six weeks and and have gone from 2 1/4" length flaccid and 5" length erect with a girth of 4 7/8". Now my flaccid length is 3 3/8" and the girth is 4 7/8". It already is a very nice looking package glancing in the mirror and my wife is liking the look as well, every time she gets the chance she is holding it and feeling it. My present measurements hard are, 6 1/4" length and 5 5/8" girth.It really is feeling like I have something in my hand now,my wife's first word for the feeling was "meaty". I am getting a lot more moans and oohs during sex now and I have to at times ease up on my thrusts in order for her to catch her breath. Guys if you would like to have this kind of change in bed then get with the program. Thanks Massive for your help!"
".........P.S. Massive if you guys ever start posting pictures, I would certainly send one, I am quit proud of my "Big Boy" as my wife calls him."
John F.

"I'm a member and since my wife is much happier after several months of excercise, We were wondering if there are any exercises or suppliments that will encourage the growth of her clitorous. I do not see how the exercises can help her as it is not big enough to begin with. thank you for your reply."
Jeffrey P.

We are proud to have received HUNDREDS of success stories:
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